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One fine day someone attracted you hereafter, you approached and knew them better and envisioned that the person is meant to be yours forever. The relationship starts, and then you get the feeling of contentment or fulfillment about the lucrative completion of your life’s purpose. But hey?

Did anyone tell you, that the real mission is yet to begin? For how long are you going to take this person as your confidante or kindred spirit in the very thick and thin life puts your way? One day? Two months? Evermore? It utterly depends upon the way you handle it.


Why are you even bothering to be in a relationship, when everything you do is a lie? One might contemplate a white lie in a manner that one of your friends insulted your partner in their absence. Then, you do not want it to reach your partner’s ear because you care for them. In fact, you do not want to see them being upset about it. However, lying about every bitty thing which your partner deserves to know is alienating to them.

 lying is equal to your relationship dying
lying is equal to your relationship dying. photo credit: www.geckoand fly

Why do you have to hide that you had a boys night out or girls night out the last weekend? If you are roaming around in the shopping mall with your pal then say them as it is without mixing your words. Moreover, make it sound like you were working in the office the entire day.

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What’s on your phone, why do you feel the need to tuck it away when your beloved comes closer? Say it the way it is and confront them gracefully, if you are serious about the person and the relationship. However, if you think there is no alternative to lying then probably you are not with the right person or maybe you are not the right one.

Leave your past behind.

Okay, you want your sweetheart to know every bit of you. So, you told them that you had an affair with a person in the past and then due to some solid reasons you broke up. Fair enough! Now put a full stop to it and move on. As a matter of fact, blubbering now and then about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is the hefty put-off.

Leave Your Past Behind. Photo credit: square space

He/she did not become your companion just to hear the memories you made with your ex. Likewise, neither did they choose you as their partner so that you would always keep poking them about their last affair. You can either go back to your ex or make this relationship the better one.

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As a matter of fact, your beau does not want to know the last movie you and your ex-watched. On the contrary, there are those people who do not let their lover forget their unpleasant past relationship. Doing all this, you are only dishonoring, and disrespecting your existing relationship and your partner’s sentiments. Hence, be aware before you get a new ex in your kitty.

Jealous much

Be sincere about the fact that we all have applied this trick of testing our significant other’s jealous temperament. The intent of complementing the opposite sex should only be to observe your partner’s reaction and nothing more than that.

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It feels desirable and beautiful when you know that your partner craves for your attention. And is not ready to share any part of you with anyone, which is healthy.

 Attempting to make your pal jealous gone too far
Attempting to make your pal jealous gone too far. Photo credit: bustle

Furthermore, checking out that hot and attractive passer-by when you are out on a date with your girlfriend, is not what a gentleman does. So with the case of a girl, getting over-friendly with a macho good-looking guy ignoring their boyfriend completely makes things pretty ugly. The idea should not be to present yourself as a Casanova just to burn your love. Otherwise, there are plenty others eyeing on your partner to be theirs.