A body positive Instagram star Raylynn has hit back to her haters who said she has faked her 70-inch by showcasing her natural butt in a video. A quick glance at Raylynn’s Instagram page will say more than words ever could.

Like most of us, this gorgeous creature from Georgia was unknown to everyone except her family and friends only a few months ago.

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Now, thanks to her eye-popping curves, she’s totally famous. In her staunch resistance to all this vile body shaming, this everyday girl from Atlanta has become another thing she never expected: an icon to all women.

Raylynn, 70 Inch Curves, is bigger than Kim Kardashian

Whatever the reason is, it’s working for Raylynn. Earlier this year, she could count the number of Instagram followers she had on one hand. Now, she’s hit something like 150,000 followers, and that number is only going to keep rising. The internet is in love with Raylynn, and her story has even covered by the national newspaper.

 Raylynn from Georgia, who boasts 122,000 fans on Instagram, regularly uploads photos of her curves - but is often accused of using Photoshop to make her derriere look bigger

Caption: Raylynn in her Instagram post showcasing her beautiful body and hitting back at the haters who said she faked it.

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Well, when we say that the internet is in love with Raylynn, we are not telling the entire truth. There is that gross subsection of the web – aka the trolls – who have been publicly claiming that her butt is fake.

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Not that she’s had surgical enhancements, but that she’s photoshopped the images to expand her waist. And now with series of an Instagram post, she has shut down the mouth of the haters and body shammers.




Never mind the fact that there’s zero evidence of her image manipulation, or that it would take a photoshop expert even to make those kinds of touch-ups – these barbs have damaged her credibility and her self-confidence. So there was only one thing to do: show her booty off in all – access video.


The tour of her butt in real time is impossible to fake, and it silenced the haters, for now. Luckily, Raylynn isn’t too fazed about all the hate she’s been getting. The video that she produced is for her fans, not for her haters- it just killed two birds with one stone. She says that through everything, she’s always been comfortable in her skin, and proud of her body no matter what. If she weren’t, she never would have put it up on Instagram.

Raylynn Wiki-Bio

Raylynn in a short period of time gained a huge fan following and already reached 665k Instagram followers.

Raylynn who is at the age of 24 was born in 1993 through the birthday month is not revealed yet. She was an overnight sensation when she shared her picture showcasing her 70-inch bum. The details of her parents her family her mom, dad is also not revealed by Instagram fame. Many of her well-wishers are also curious to know her real name or the meaning of her name but sadly this is also a mystery as Raylynn till now has not mentioned about her real name or what she used to do before fame.


Like any other girl, Raylynn also wants to have a boyfriend as she shared this Instagram post where a guy is hugging the butt, but for now, she has kept her boyfriend and dating secret to herself.

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Raylynn also has her own website called Love.randalin and she charges like 11.99 for a monthly subscription. Raylynn who has become an Instagram fame has people wondering about her net worth, but that too is under review. For now, she is happy to be her and share some awesome picture of her self, and though her body is not a bikini body, she has positivity to show off.