Raviv Ullman is a professional musician and actor. Best known as Phil Diffy on the 2004 American TV series, Phill of the Future, Ullman has come a long way since then. Growing up in a conservative family and orthodox denominations of Judaism, Raviv taught himself how to play the trombone.

Not only that, Raviv acquired the limelight from a young age and many already know him as an established actor but what about his personal life? Here are short details about Ullman’s net worth, relationships, and body measurements.

Who is Raviv Ullman?

Raviv Ullman (born on 1986, January 24) is an American-Isreali musician and actor. Ullman is best known for his role as Phil Diffy, on the Disney Series, Phill of the Future. Talking about his musical alchemy, he plays drums and glockenspiel in the band His Orchestra, which released its debut album, Field Guide to the Wilds, on February 24, 2009.


Raviv began his career as a professional stage actor and he appeared on various shows which include The King and IPeter Pan and The Music Man. Similarly, Ullman’s role in the play A Rosen by Any Other Name earned him a Best Actor nomination at Connecticut’s Critics’ Award.

What is the Net Worth of Raviv Ullman?

The total net worth of Raviv Ullman is $3 Million. In the United States, the average salary of actors working on a Television series is $39.45 per hour. Similarly, in 2004, Sarah Jessica Parker received a remuneration of $1 Million for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series ‘Sex & the City’.

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Since in the same year, Phill of the Future was also telecasted, Raviv might have earned at least $500,000 from the show. Further, the average salary of a musician in the US is $42,503. As Ullman is a professional drummer and glockenspiel, he might receive more than the average pay scale. Not to mention, the average salary of the drummer in the US is $14.8-21.5 per hour.

YouTube: Big City: Day Date (ft. Raviv Ullman, Sarah Steele)

Source: Big City

Talking about Raviv’s personal interest and by seeing through his Instagram pictures, looks like he does modeling too. In one of his Instagrams post, he thanks the model and designer Kaitlyn Mikayla for a photoshoot.


If Ullman’s modeling career is indeed true then it definitely adds up to his total income. Besides, the highest pay scale of a male model in the US is $1.5 million a year, which is earned by Sean O’Pry.

What is the Relationship Status of Raviv Ullman?

Raviv Ullman is currently single. In most of Ullman’s interviews, he speaks about focusing on a career rather than a relationship settlement. Likewise, this young handsome actor mainly keeps his personal life under wraps. However, he posts pictures of many women on his Instagram account.

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Previously Raviv dated the actress Laila Liliana Garro in 2008, The American actress Brenda Song (2006-2007), the 32-years-old actress Lalaine (2005-2008) and Aly Michalka in 2005.


Raviv is also rumored to have hooked up with Danielle Faurot, and Rachel Perry. However, Raviv is a good looking guy and there are a lot of girls throwing themselves at Ullman, so there are chances we will soon see Raviv flaunting some pretty girl on his arms.

What are the Body Measurements of Raviv Ullman?

Having a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a weight of 62 kg, Raviv Ullman body features are remarkable which goes well with his light brown eye color and dark brown hair.


Quick Facts: Raviv Ullman

What is the zodiac sign of Raviv Ullman?


How tall is Raviv Ullman?

5 ft 8 inches

What is the weight of Raviv Ullman?

 62 kg

What is the eye color of Raviv Ullman?


What are the hair colors of Raviv Ullman?


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