Most of the aspiring singers worship SoundCloud for exhibiting their singing tenacity. So did, Rapper Kid Buu on a whim of songs called “Double Up (run it up),” “On Me”, and “dead roses (never wanted you).”

In spite of that Kid Buu is in a myriad of controversies for fabricated age and abusive relationship with then-girlfriend. Surprised? Stick with us; we’ll be exploring Rapper Kid Buu dating tales along with his ex-girlfriend.

You have landed the right page to discover, Rapper Kid Buu’s net worth, wiki, bio, height, girlfriend, dating, Instagram and real name.

Is Rapper Kid Buu Dating?

Kid Buu was liberal from controversies until a model and YouTuber, Sarah Penman opened up about the offensive relationship. And it involved the rapper Kid Buu on the circle of lies and fabricated age.

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At the beginning of the video, Sarah alerted audiences that she didn’t intend to provision rapper Kid Buu a platform since he had been awful towards her. Also, Kid Buu shamed his age on the first date, where he was 23 years old. But, as per Sarah Penman statement, he finally divulged to be 30 years old.

On the same note, ex-girlfriend Sarah Penman revealed the fake rap personality of the SoundCloud singer.

“The proof was there. I saw him putting so much money into showing that he was this famous musician […] and I never really understood it because there was never a return. He never got paid for shows ever; he never got paid to do songs with other people…It’s solely just to show the world that you have this lifestyle and that you could flex on people.”

When Sarah came in contact with Kid Buu’s alleged ex-girlfriend, the matter worsened to prove his deception at the right edge. She also uncovered that the pair dated while, the girl was underage. And shed light that Kid Buu has a fully grown daughter too. Till date, the rapper hasn’t confirmed the statement yet.

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Onwards to a latest fling, Kid Buu had a short and sweet sour relaitonship with Shalana Hunter‘s daughter Blac Chyna. The duo had a short term relationship and during their breakup, they had had a violent fight at a hotel suice in Honolulu, Hawaii.

According to People, there were police and the medics present at the hotel suice following the duo’s fight. Both of them had been heavily intoxicated and had respective complaints but no one was arrested.

According to eye witnesses, Buu chocked Chyna and slammed her aganinst a wall. But, Kid has other things to say. He commented on the fact that he did not do any of such bullshit and that his mother had raised him better.

I will never put my hands on a woman. Never haver I, and never will I. 

The rapper also alleged the media of sharing misinformation to the public. The duo was together for just over 9 months before such controversies started flying all over the media. 

Rapper Kid Buu Net Worth

Rapper Kid Buu has fame across SoundCloud through the released songs: “Double Up (run it up),” “On Me” and “dead roses (never wanted you). Also, he collaborated his skills with Oohdem Beatz on an album called Blind For Love. 

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So, what’s Kid Buu net worth looks like? As of 2020, Kid Buu has an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand

Rapper Kid Buu Wiki-Bio

Well, Kid Buu age is disputable. According to wiki sources, he was born on April 11, 1994, while his ex-girlfriend claims the rapper to be around 30.

The rapper hails from Toronto Canada. Now he resides in Los Angeles California. He hasn’t unveiled parents details. yet. Also, Kid Buu real name isn’t exposed to media sources.

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