English actor Rafe Spall is best known for his role in The Shadow Line, Pete Versus Life, One Day, Anonymous and The Big Short. He is a rising star in the film industry and will soon be seen in Jurassic World.

Yes, Rafe Spall will appear again as Mills in the upcoming sequel “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” He has also featured in blockbuster movie “Life of Pie” as Yann Martel. Besides his success, his fan often speculates about his personal life.

How is the love life of the actor? Is Rafe Spall dating a girlfriend? Or has Rafe Spall married someone already? Let’s explore the details along with Rafe Spall wiki facts and net worth:

Rafe Spall dating; who is Rafe Spall girlfriend?

With Rafe Spall impressive talent and hit movies, people often intend to sneak in Rafe Spall love life. With the question on their mind, Is Rafe Spall single or is he dating someone? Let’s reveal the truth behind this:

Rafe spall talent actor with gentleman look is single. That’s right! Rafe isn’t dating anyone but was he in a relationship before? You may ask. Yes, Spall was in a relationship with a beautiful actress Alice Eve. What happened to their relationship that took the different turn?

Caption: Rafe Spall and girlfriend Alice Eve.

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In 2004, Rafe Spall and Alice Eve first met each other while they were filming “The Rotters Club” and soon started dating. With less information of pair dating life they often were seen together in various events and vacation.

They had a similar background, but that didn’t save their relationship. Yes, that right! After dating two years Rafe Spall and girlfriend Alice Eve ended their relationship.

As his dating life, was he married person then? Did he have children before he dated with Alice Eve? Let’s find out;

Rafe Spall married; who is Rafe Spall wife?

Recently breakup with Even, what is Rafe Spall relationship status? Is he married to someone? If yes, who is Rafe Spall’s wife? Let’s scroll down to find out:

With Rafe Spall’s relationship status, he is a married guy. Whom did he marry? He married a beautiful, gorgeous looking actress Elize Du Toit best known as Izzy in Hollyoaks.

In February 2008, they first met each other in a blind date set up by their friends at a bar in London and soon within an hour of the couple fallen in love. After there meeting, the pairs are together since then. In 14th of August 2010, Rafe Spall and Elize Du Toit took their relationship at marriage state.

Caption: Rafe Spall and wife Elize du Toit at an event together.

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After their marriage, Elize was soon pregnant after their honeymoon. In 2011, Rafe Spall and Elize Dut Toit welcomed daughter Lean. When Lean came to earth he said 

“I love it,” “It’s what I’ve always wanted. My biggest ambition over everything is to have kids. It feels great. I’d love a big family. My dad had three kids by the time he was 26, so…”

After one year of daughter Lena, the pair again welcomed their son Rex in November 2012.

Rafe Spall is very loving, supportive person when it comes to family. He is blessed and happy of having children and being a father. He also said:

“When people ask me whether my dad encouraged me… Yeah, he did encourage me, but only because he’s made a great life out of it.”

Rafe Spall Wiki-bio: Age, Height

Born in the year 1983 in Camberwell, London, England, Rafe Spall celebrates his birthday on 10th of March. According to his wiki, he is at the age of 34 and born in the Spall family, Father Timothy Spall who is an actor and Mother Shane Spall.

He is the second of three children. His grades weren’t as good in school but have the ambition to act. He let his study, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College, and joined National Youth Theatre to become an actor.

Rafel Spall has impressive body height of 6 feet 1 inch. In meters, Rafel Spall has body height of 1.85 meters.

Being a actors son, Rafel Spall has done many movies and TV series like the lion in the Winter, Cracker, The Chatterley Affair, The Shadow Line, Son of Liberty, Rodies and many more TV series. And movies, The Ritual, The F word, Get Santa, Life of Pie, Anonymous, One day and many more.

Rafe Spall Net worth

With Rafel Spall blazing act and hit movies in the film industry, he is undoubtedly earning good amount of net worth. As of 2017, Rafel Spall net worth estimated at 3 million dollars.