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Is Rachel Wyse Dating Tim Gredley? Know Their Relationship from Close!

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If you are regular to sports channels, you must know who Rachel Wyse is. She is one renowned sports journalist who currently works as live and off reporter for Sky Sports Channel. But we are not discussing about all her personal information. What we are going to cover is her dating life. Is Rachel Wyse dating Tim Gredley? We think it is, as we found some scoop in the internet about her dating life. Let’s now see her dating history and find out the truth.

Rachel Wyse Dating Life with Tim Gredley

When we dug into her personal life, we found out that she is not married, but also the rumour of getting engaged soon with her current boyfriend Tim Gredley. The personal who is well known being show jumper, Tim is having affair with Rachel. From The Sun, we found out that the duo is together since six months.

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According to some other reference sites, it was recorded that the duo met for the first time in June 2016 and started seeing each other numerous time. Since then, the duo is seen out most of the times in all the events and public places as well.

From the looks of both, we can identify their happiness in being together. The media too didn’t know their relationship clearly until one of her friend clearly stated their love affair with online magazine Irish Sun.

Rachel Wyse and Tim Gredley

It has not been officially announced, about the love life between them, but yes, they are in deep love. Tim Gredley is considered to be a nice guy and we hope something good to happen between them soon.

Tim is not the first in her life. Before Tim, Rachel Wyse was dating Joe Canning. When this duo separated, she was looking forward for someone who will love her more than anyone else does.

Who is Tim Gredley?

Tim is well known to be a business person along with show jumper. He is the child of Bill Gredley who holds the title of being British jumper. In his kindling age, he grew interest in horse ride, and also made it his career.

Tim Gredley

In the year 2004, in European Championship, he got the gold medal. Soon after that, he started being active in other tournaments as well. In Britain, he has won the title of being one of the best riders. In his life, apart from his horse riding career; he also works in his father’s business company.