Wentworth fans stunned when the news of Ra Chapman having a baby surfaced on the internet. With whom is she having this baby? When was she pregnant? What more of her life updates have we missed? We hear that she might or might not have a boyfriend. Let’s get all the details about her love life as well as her professional life.

Does Ra Chapman give birth to a child? Is her boyfriend also the father of the baby?

Yes, we were shocked too when she took it to twitter and tweeted that she is having a baby because the last time we checked, she didn’t even have a boyfriend. But after this tweet, everyone thought that she might be dating someone special in her life.


Ra Chapman tweets about having a baby along with her picture with Ben Knight

She also posted a picture of her with her rumored boyfriend on Instagram but as it turns out that this was all just for her TV show called “Offspring.” So they are shooting a childbirth scene in the show where Ra Chapman gives birth to a baby. Her rumored boyfriend is none other than Ben Knight who is her co-star.

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People assumed him to be her boyfriend because of their post together, but Ben cleared up the false gossips by posting the truth about filming the pregnancy scene.

Caption: Ben Knight proudly claiming the birth of first ginger head Asian baby in TV show all over the world

So, Ra Chapman does not have an actual baby in real life, and she is not dating Ben Knight as he already seems to have been romantically involved with someone else. We think that the main reason why Ra Chapman is still single is to focus more on her goals.

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She seems passionate about widening her career, and that is why she chose to remain single so far. But then again, we can’t believe how such a stunning lady has remained single all this time so who knows if she is just trying to privatize her life from the media?

Ra Chapman short bio: more on her age, movies, and TV shows

Ra Chapman was born on the 20th of December. Her exact birth year is not disclosed yet, but we think that her age is around the twenties as she looks extremely young even today. She was born in South Korea but was adopted by Australian parents. Ra Chapman has appeared in a few movies and TV shows.

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Some movies in which she has appeared are Between the Lines and Bo Mi which are both short films. Her fame comes even more from her TV shows which are the main reasons as to why she is popular.

She appeared in TV shows like Neighbours, Footballer Wants a Wife and mainly Wentworth. She portrays the role of Kim Chang in Wentworth which is impressive and is the reason for her grand success.