Many internet personalities are on the rise to popularity right now, and Pokimane is one of them. After streaming daily on Twitch, Pokimane quickly rose to stardom. In case if you don’t know who Pokimane is, she is an Internet sensation who streams regularly on Twitch. She plays different kinds of games on her Twitch account.

Due to her sweet personality and charming looks, Pokimane has managed to gain a massive number of followers on social media. She is a beautiful young lady, and a lot of her male fans are dying to know about her personal life, especially her love life. Is Pokimane dating someone? Who is Pokimane’ boyfriend? Know the details on Pokimane’ wiki, dating affairs, boyfriend, career, net worth, age, family, and bio.

Pokimane’s Dating Affair: Who is Her Boyfriend?

When it comes to her personal life, Pokimane likes to keep it low key. She does not reveal any information about her dating affairs to the public. However, there have been rumors swirling around that Pokimane is having a relationship with a fellow YouTube star.

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Rumor has it that she dated Youtuber and Gamer Meteos and William Lee, aka Scarra. However, there is no proof to conclude that these guys were her serious boyfriends at a time. As a matter of fact, only some sources hinted this, but, without much proof. Hence, her fans are inquisitive to know if she really has a boyfriend or is secretly dating anyone.

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Pokimane is still single and has not married anyone till date. She doesn’t have any kids and is not involved in any relationship at the moment. If there’s anything regarding her dating affairs, we will make sure to update you from time to time.

Well, at least, whilst she does not hints or gives details on her love life which is nobody’s business, at least she makes her fans happy with her videos and selfies on social media. So, its a win/win situation.

Recently. she gave an honest warning to her “gross” Twitch viewers.

Pokimane and Sam M’s Beef

Two years ago, Pokimane posted a tweet asking fellow girl streamers to not let anyone disrespect them for views. However, another streamer, Sam M replied to the tweet stating that she herself did the same thing.

Just look at the tweet!

Replying to Sam M, she stated,

My dating life has always been personal + never let anyone insult/sexually exploit me on stream for their benefit.

This just shows how introverted Imane is as she has herself stated that her dating life has been her personal thing. Hence, no dating rumors about her at the moment.

The lady also had another beef with a fellow YouTuber Matthew ‘MMG’ Meagher. In one of the videos, Matthew stated that Pokimane was not a good streamer as she shows her fans her unawareness towards the fact that her fans watched her for her hotness rather than the content.

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As for the reply to that video, Pokimane questioned the fact that the guy was hating her for her attractive looks. According to Pokimane, Matthew was literally talking about “having sex with other girls who didn’t even ask him.”

How much is Pokimane’s Net worth?

As of 2019, Pokimane’s net worth is around $3 million. Pokimane mainly earns through social media by uploading videos and streaming. She has a Twitch account where people have to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 to get unlimited access. On March 5, 2015, she posted a video on YouTube which was the stream highlight with Corobizar and ImSoFresh!

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Aside from her YouTube and Twitch channels, she also has an Auditory Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) channel where she uploads different kinds of contents for her fans. The social media star is currently living a lavish lifestyle but how much is Pokimane’ net worth?

The lady around her worth from her career as a YouTuber and a Gamer. She has a fortune of around $500 Thousand.

Pokimane’s Career

Pokimane is very popular among teens. She has been playing games for more than three years now. Imane is also a professional League of Legends gamer. She continually posts gameplay videos on her YouTube and Twitch accounts.

In March 2017, Pokimane applied for a US Visa. She decided to move to California since she wanted to be with other gamers such as Scarra, Based_Yoona, and ChrisChanTO and a video editor SpooksOP.

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The players focus on the production of video content and gameplay streams. Along with gameplay, she also does ‘mukbang’ videos.

Pokimane also has her merchandise from which she earns her worth. She sells T-shirts and hoodies online. At the moment, she has more than 3.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She frequently posts videos online and does it almost 3-4 times per week. She has also created an ASMR channel.

The Twitch gamer also has a lot of followers on Twitch. She streams regularly for about 4-5 hours. On 26th May 2019, the star was hilariously trolled over “forgetting” to save in WoW Classic.

YouTube: The Story of Pokimane

On July 6, Imane “Pokimane” Anys posted an emotional video on Twitch. Though she is one of the most popular female content creators of Twitch, she received many dislikes (16k dislikes and 11k likes at the time of this writing on July 8, 2019) for her story video published by theScore Esports.

According to Pokimane,

It does hurt my feelings, kind of, that they’ve done this on so many different streamers, and then like, as soon as it’s me, it’s like, so many dislikes. I don’t really know why. 

Shortly after her emotional stream, Pokimane closed her stream and stated that she didn’t want to cry in front of the camera.

Pokimane’ Wiki-Bio; Age, Nationality, Height and more

In 1996, Imane Anys was born in Morocco. She celebrates her birthday on 14th May. People professionally know her as Pokimane. There’s not much information about her parents, but she has a brother.

She attended McMaster University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She is Moroccan and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

As of now, Pokimane is 23 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She has an attractive body with a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 50 kg.

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Pokimane has beautiful brown hair, and her eye color is brown. To stay connected to her fans, she uses social media like Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. On her Instagram, she has over 3.6 million followers while on her Twitter, she has over 1 million fan followers.