Internet has helped a huge number of people stay in the limelight. And in the same context, it’s Piper Rockelle who is just ten years old and is American internet personality/ YouTube star. She is one of the quickest muser to get around 750,000 fans on the app and has been on the headlines since then.

If you go across Piper Rockelle’s YouTube channel, then you might see her time and again video with the title “boyfriend.” Does all those boyfriend tagged video clarifies she is not single at all. So, who is Piper Rockelle dating now? What about her Past Affairs? Scroll down to know about Piper Rockelle’s net worth, salary, sources of income, parents, siblings, and more. Check it out:

Who is Piper Rockelle Dating? Boys behind her Boyfriend Tagged Videos

Ten years old Piper Rockelle often uploads videos with the boyfriend tags. One of her such videos was posted back on 23rd June 2018. On 23rd June 2018, she posted a video titled “24 HOURS HANDCUFFED to my BOYFRIEND.

This made a huge buzz on the internet and people were seen throwing negative comments on how a ten years girl is involved in dating relationships. Want to know the full story behind this? We will tell you!

In the video, actually, it was her brother Hunter who handcuffed her friend Hayden together. Piper was the one who called Hayden her boyfriend just to make the best out of their situation. Though she has tagged Hayden as her boyfriend, in reality, they are just friends and nothing more than that. Relief?

However, it’s true that Rockelle romantically gets linked with her friends and enjoying spending times with her friends. Till the date, there are no any headlines ever broadcasted regarding Piper Rockelle dating life.

Also, there are no any headlines of her past affairs and relationships. We must say, she is quite too young for these dating materials. For now, she is just focusing on her study and professional career rather than being involved in any dating or romantic life.


Piper Rockelle seems to be in a dating relationship with her lover, Gavin Magnus. If you look at most of the photos of the duo, they seem quite connected to each other.

This might be another one of their imaginary partnership, however, they upload their videos with the tags boyfriend, girlfriend, couple, and what not.

It doesn’t seem like the duo is really dating. Gavin usually posts a lot of pics with his probable partner, Coco Quinn. It might be because of their new music video but they sure look good together.

How much is Piper Rockelle’s Net Worth, Salary, and Sources of Income?

Everyone is clear that Rockelle is one of the rising internet stars. Before coming to the fame through, she has participated and competed in numerous beauty shows. She then created her YouTube channel in 2016.

After making a YouTube channel in 2016, Rockelle started posting funny videos to her channel. She has continuously posted her funny videos and soon gained a huge number of subscribers.

While talking about Piper Rockelle’s net worth in 2018, her net worth is estimated to be around $300 thousand. Her monthly incomes dwells in between $1.3 thousand – $20.6 thousand. With simple calculations, she earns between $15.5 thousand$247.6 thousand annually.

The lady also earns her worth from her social media. She makes as much as $4,581 from just her Instagram ads.

There is no doubt that Rockelle is earning a hefty amount of money from the social media and public appearances.

With such a huge amount of money, no doubt, Rockelle is living a lavish life with her parents and siblings.

Piper Rockelle’s Parents, Siblings, and Family

Her mother, Tiffany actually raised Rockelle. She once revealed that she had only met her father once in her childhood and did not remember him being around her.

Talking about her siblings, she has two brothers; Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. For your information, her brother, Hunter Ray Hill is also a famous star with over a million followers on his account.

If you remember, he often does appear on Rockelle’s YouTube videos. Rockelle shares a strong bond with her two brothers and mother. If you go across her Instagram, you can come across her several pictures with her parents and brothers.