Have you ever watched the show The Office? Then, you must have seen the interesting character Phyllis Vance on it. Her relationship with her husband is alluring. Is Phyllis Smith blessed with a blissful marriage in real life too? Who is she married to?

Viewers often have that kind of questions in their minds as Phyllis Smith looks pleased with her on-screen marriage. The American actress and casting associate, Phyllis is famous for playing Phyllis Vance in the television series The Office and her critically applauded voice role as Sadness in the film Inside Out.

Here is everything you are eager to know about this fabulous actress. Know about her marriage, children, net worth, age, career, and other info.

Phyllis Smith Married Life and Her Husband

Unlike her reel life, it is mysterious about her marriage in real life. According to the sources she isn’t a married woman even if she is she prefers to keep it as a secret.

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The additional information about her marriage isn’t revealed. However, while playing the role of Phyllis Lapin in the series The Office, she married her on-screen partner Bob Vance in the third season of the show. The audiences their appearance as a couple on screen.

Phyllis Smith Married Life, Husband, Children, Age, Height, Career, Movies, Wiki-Bio
Caption: Phyllis Smith and her on-screen husband, Bob Vance.

Photo credit: Tumblr

Despite having a chance to work as a wife with Robert yet in real life, she seems to have no interests in marriage and stuff. Once in her interview with Vulture.com the star discloses about residing in the New York City apartment with  her four cats, where she said:

“Don’t laugh, because I’m not very inventive when it comes to cat names. They’re gray cats, so I have Shy Boy, I have Little Grey — those are the two twins — then I have Sweet Face, who has a very sweet face, and Princess, who turned out to be a prince. Those are my four babies. They went to New York, too. They all moved to New York when we filmed The OA.”

 She further added,

“I had my four cats and two turtles. Speedy and Alvin are the turtles. Speedy’s about 65 and Alvin’s about 15, I guess. I’m serious about my family.”

 Apart from these things she has never spoken out about her family. If Phyllis were secretly married, she would have talked about her husband in the interview. However, it looks like she is still single with no dating history of her young age or current affairs. She has once worn the wedding veil in the show The Office itself. We will update you once we collect the information. Stay tuned!

Phyllis Smith Net Worth

Phyllis Smith has the net worth around $7 million. She is earning a great net worth from her acting career.

As she is successful in her career, her net worth shows how hardworking the actress is. The independent Smith has been able to maintain her image with stable financial status. Her projects run well in the entertainment well.

Phyllis Smith Early life and Career

Phyllis was born on 10 July 1951 in Missouri in the United States of America to Glenda Smith, her mother and her father who is unknown. She attended the University of Missouri in Saint Louis. Later in 1972, she completed her graduation with a degree in the field of Elementary Education.

After graduation, Phyllis began to work as a cheerleader and a dance. Phyllis worked for the local football team as a cheerleader. She suffered a severe knee injury while dancing that led Phyllis to stop dancing.

In her professional career, she got to play the role of Phyllis Vance which was created only for her. Phyllis’s role was mainly to upset her manager. The audiences adored Phyllis thoroughly for the role.

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Following that for her outstanding performance, she received the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2006 and 2007 respectively. She also managed to bag a role in the movie Bad Teacher. Along with movies, she also gave voice to the characters in animation movies like Inside Out.

Phyllis Smith career, net worth, movies, age, height, married, husband, children
Phyllis Smith in the premiere of her movie Inside out with her animated character.

Photo Credit: themarysue.com

Smith won Annie Award for her voice in the film Inside Out. She has also worked in a Disney video game.

Youtube: Phyllis Smith’s interview

Phyllis Smith Wiki Facts

Phyllis Smith’s age is 67 years old. She belongs to white ethnicity and has American citizenship. She is very fond of cats. The height of Phyllis is not available. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Phyllis Smith young age photo
Phyllis Smith young age photo

Phyllis Smith has no official Twitter and Instagram account.