Peter Riley is a realtor from America based in Washinton. But, he is best known as the loving husband of the TV news reporter, Emily Compagno. And, here’s what you can know about Mr. Riley and his extravagant wedding to Compagno.

Peter Riley & Wife Emily Compagno Married In Italy

If you ask us, there’s no lowkey couple as Peter Riley and his wife, Emily Compagno. These gorgeous couple takes privacy issues severely and makes sure to maintain it from the prying eyes of the public. But, that doesn’t mean, we have nothing important to tell you people.

Broker Peter Riley and wife, Emily Compagno during their wedding in Italy. Source: Instagram

Emily Compagno and her husband have been married for three years today since they walked down the aisle in 2017 in an extremely private nuptial ceremony. Riley and the FOX News host jetted off to Italy to tie the knot which is also a main reason why the couple wanted to keep their special day super secretive.

The husband and wife only invited close friends and family for their marriage ceremony. Other than that, Riley made a handsome groom in a dark blue tuxedo suit while his bride looked beautiful in a white bridal gown. Three years since their wedding, the couple is yet to start a family of their own, as of September 2020.

Peter Riley’s Net Worth? What Does Emily Compagno’s Husband Do?

Unlike Emily Compagno who is a renowned TV reporter, attorney and author, her husband is involved in a different occupation. Well, Peter Riley is a realtor and a broker, working for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services NW Real Estate in Washington.

Realtor Peter Riley & wife Emil Compagno are both rich.
Source: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, Riley is a successful real estate agent with over 300 sold units and 80,000,000 number of Sold Volume recorded under his name. By that assumption, anyone can guess, he is rich as heck. Although Riley’s wealth and property details aren’t publicized, he can be estimated to hold a net worth of more than $1 million.

On the other side, his wife, Compagno’s net worth can be calculated at no less than $1.5M with an annual salary of $80,000. Riley and his wife reside between Washinton, New York, and California.

Interesting Facts Of Peter Riley

  • Peter Riley is ethnically Italian.
  • Riley also worked in Oregan as a data analyst before working as a broker and construction specialist.
  • Born in the year 1979 and bred in Oregon.
  • Riley has sister in laws including Julietta Compagno Skoog and Natalie Compagno.
  • Flaunts pair of bright eyes.

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