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Game of Thrones’ beloved star “Peter Dinklage” has a great news: He and his wife, soon to expect a new child!

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An actor is known for his/her brilliant performance on the screen or theater. Hard work, concentration, and devotion are some of the qualities, an actor should have.

Game of Thrones “Tyrion Lannister,” Peter Dinklage, is a beloved actor who is known for his best performance. Recently, Dinklage has some great news to all of his fans and beloved ones. So, what is the news about? Let’s find out.

Peter Dinklage and his wife expecting a child!

The small screen titan “Peter Dinklage” lives a romantic married life. He has a beautiful, loving wife Ericha Schmidt whom he married in 2005. They are always full of love and are admirers to one another. The couple has a good understanding and shares mutual affection to each other. They never talk openly about their love life.

“How long they date each other and how romantic was their love life?”, these questions always excite their fans. May be someday, Peter will quench all of your thirsts.

Ericha and Peter, recently are on their joyous moment. They have some great news. The lovely couple is soon expecting a new member in their family. Yes, you heard it right. Peter is going to be a dad.

Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt
Caption: Peter Dinklage’s wife “Erica Schmidt” showcasing her baby bump in an event.

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On Wednesday evening, Peter and Erica attended the opening night of The New Group’s All the Fine Boys (a play written and directed by Erica herself) in Newyork.

It is where Erica and the cast of All the Fine Boys- Abigail Breslin and Isabelle Fuhrman were posing for the pictures, holding their hands on Erica’s bump.

Well, aren’t you happy for Peter? But, guess what? Peter is going to be a dad for the second time.

Peter and Erica have already welcomed their first child in 2011. It was a girl. The real name his daughter hasn’t been revealed yet, but there were many rumor and a fake fact in Wikipedia, which mentioned the name of his daughter to be “Zelig.” Later, Peter denied it and didn’t say the real name of his baby girl.

Peter and Erica
Caption: Peter and Erica on a walk with their cute daughter.

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Soon, the couples are going to be parenting two kids. We pray for ‘yet to come’ baby’s health and for the happiness of such a cute family!

Peter Dinklage’s TV shows:

Peter has cast for several TV shows and also made his appearance in various films. Some of his TV shows are listed below:

  • I’m with Her (2004)
  • Testing Bob (2005)
  • Threshold (2005-2006)
  • Ultra (2006)
  • Game of Thrones (2011-2017)

Peter Drinkage has won a Satellite Award for Outstanding Talent and two Primetime Emmy Awards for his extraordinary talent and performance.

Peter Dinklage’s short bio:

Peter Hayden Dinklage was born on 11th June 1969, in Morristown, New Jersey, United States. He started acting at Bennington College. His first film debut was ‘Living in Oblivion’ (1995). He started to gain fame from the comedy drama ‘The Station Agent.’

According to the wiki, Peter has a height of 135 cm, which means he is 4 ft 5 in tall. He is 48 years old.

Peter is a candidate with brilliant talent in the Hollywood industry. His net worth is $15 million as of 2017, and his salary per episode is $1.1 million.

Let’s hope for the great success and happiness for Peter Dinklage. Before leaving, let’s have a look at Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer:

Caption: Game of Throne Season 7 trailer.

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