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Is Paulo Costanzo Gay or Straight? Married On Screen But Is Single in Real Life!

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Most of the well-known TV stars’ personal life is frequently dug out by media and fans from around the world. It is because they want to know more about the person being perceived and sometimes to try out luck in marrying him or her. Similar type of controversies aroused in this TV star as well. Married on screen but he is single till date in real life. Thus people frequently speculate Paulo Costanzo gay. But we cannot say a thing without proof. Here is something we have found about him.

Paulo Costanzo Dating History, and Girlfriends

For Paulo Costanzo, both on-screen life and off-screen life is same. In 2009, he was dating Brooke D’Orsay. Sad to say, it was not in his real life. He acted as boyfriend of Brooke in the show ‘Royal Pains’. Being fake boyfriend later changed fake couple to real couple. At the end of the show, both tie a knot.

Paulo Costango with on-screen girlfriend Brooke D’Orsay
Paulo Costango with on-screen girlfriend Brooke D’Orsay

Although this couple was perceived as best by all the fans and followers, Paulo had no intention to keep the relation alive in the real world. Further, he claimed himself to be single to Taddlr.

Is Paulo Costanzo Gay or Straight?

Although married on screen, Paulo is single till date. Thus, many people speculated him to be gay. Moreover, he was rumoured to be dating some boy around his house. The news was fake though.

Costanzo might be concealing his private information from the public and media. Celebrities are likely to be in relationship once in the lifetime. But in the case of Paulo, he claimed no girlfriends or dating till date. Also as he is already 38 years old, he must have someone supportive. We cannot blame him for any relationship.

Paulo Costanzo is Single

According to Famous Fix, Paulo is straight and is not gay. Further, it also stated that it is not necessary to have girlfriend in life and Girlfriends do not decide a person as gay or straight.

This news surely made him unique person and people might try their luck for the relationship with him. As his net worth exceeds $4 million, he is living happily even if it means to be single.

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