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Paul Sampson and Kirsty Gallacher Divorce: What Was The Real Reason?

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Most of the celebrities are able to adore their personal life, while some of them fail too. We are talking about Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, who was not able to preserve her married life so well. Being similar to one hot model, she is able to gain much more success in her professionl life but couldn’t save her love life so well. Today we will be discussing about the real reason of Paul Sampson and Kristy Gallacher divorce and their present whereabouts!

Paul Sampson and Kirsty Gallacher Married Life

Kirsty married Paul Sampson in the year 2014. Although their marriage date is not disclosed, she was living blissful life for longer than a year. Later, she divorced Paul for some undisclosed terms. We will discuss about the reason later. Moreover, she also thought the marriage to be bad investment in her life, which also ruined her career.

Paul Sampson and Kirsty Gallacher
Paul Sampson and Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty married Paul, who was two years younger than she is. As per the source, it was love marriage, which later turned into nothing more than obsession.

Paul Sampson and Kirsty Gallacher Divorce: What was the Reason?

Although the former couple were not agreeing about disclosing the real reason of the split, some of the news composer tried to prove it to be because of extra marital affair. But the news was faked and people also criticized about her. That’s the reason why she opened the reason publicly.

According to the close source, the divorce reason was none other than age difference. The split was agreed by both, as both felt lot more for the other. Paul Sampson is a football player, and he can get much more beautiful girl than she was, while Kirsty is obsessed with trying new things. The dissimilarities in thoughts were the real reason why the duo was facing difficulties.

Kirsty Gallacher single

What is Kirsty Gallacher doing now?

For now, she is busy in partying and enjoying her single life. Soon after vacation, she went to Paris and celebrated being single. She is at present, busy in spending her money in shopping and partying.

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