The name Eazy-E is still popular and common in the hip-hop trends and world. Also thanks to his son and other family members for carrying his legacy to this date even after two decades since his death.

Fans, however, don’t know much about Patricia Wright, the loving sister of the rapper. Sure, Patricia never preferred public attention but, she can be taken as one of the main supporters and motivators of Eazy-E.

Patricia Wright: Background Of Eazy-E’s Sister

Patricia Wright is better known as the sister of the late renowned rapper, Eazy-E, who was born as Eric Lynn Wright. Sadly, Patricia’s brother passed away young at only 31. But, whilst he lived, Eazy-E proved himself worthy of something considering the notorious life he lived.

Patricia Wright with her late beloved brother, rapper, Eazy-E.
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Well, Wright’s brother who was a high school drop out used to make his earning by selling drugs before he realized he needed to change his lifestyle around and so, he became a rapper.

Wright’s brother became commercially successful as his songs were hit everywhere. Needless to say, financial matters and the lifestyle of the Wright family gradually improved too. Patricia was one hell of a proud sister.

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Unfortunately, in 1995, Patricia and her family were hit with the tragic incident when Eazy-E died from HIV a month later since the diagnosis. He was only 31, but 30 as per his birth certificate.

Following the death of her beloved brother, Patricia chose to live a private life which is why much to her profession, personal married life, husband, kids & residence isn’t known much today.

Patricia Wright: Net Worth & Career

Patricia Wright doesn’t want the public to know anything that concerns her personal life. Thus, information on his salary, career, and current whereabouts are hard to trace. But, her brother was a millionaire.

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Speaking of which, Eazy-E had left behind a fortune worth $50 million at the time of his death. In addition, he had already made more than $200,000 from selling drugs.

Patricia Wright alongside her family.
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Needless to say, Patricia was one of the rightful inheritors of her brother’s wealth. Matter of fact, Patricia is also reported to have been gifted a house by his rapper. Eazy-E’s net worth details were shared by his eldest son, Lil Eazy-E.

Quick Facts Of Patricia Wright

  • Born and bred in California alongside another brother Kenneth Wright.
  • Aunt of Eazy-E’s eleven children including nieces Ebie Wright, Daijah Wright, Raven Wright, and Erica Wright.
  • Whilst Patricia’s mother was a school teacher, her father was a postal worker.
  • Flaunts Brown eyes and dark hair.
  • Patricia’s house was estimated to have cost $175,000.

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