The thing that makes Paris Berelc quite unique is that she is outstanding in two fields; one with modeling and the other with sports. Not only that she is also a remarkable actress on her own.

Paris Berelc is also quite famous for her role in movies like Mighty Med, Lab rats: Elliot Force, and Invisible Sisters. But today, we will take you through her backstage life and will make you know more about her personal status. So let’s look at Paris Berele’s ethnicity, nationality, family, boyfriend, net worth and many more.

Paris Berelc’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Ethnicity, and Family

Paris Berelc was born on December 29, 1998, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States. The 20 years old actress is the oldest of four siblings, all girls.

Paris Berelc
Paris Berelc

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Her family was fond of gymnastics from the very beginning. As a result, Paris was already a fine gymnast at the very young age of 5. Consequently, she later went on to attend the highest level in the United States Gymnastics Olympic Program.

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Berelc is of European and Filipino descent which makes her bi-racial by birth. She is the first child of her mother, Maria, and father Joe Berelc.

Berelc has three siblings alongside her. All are equally prolific in their respective career. In fact, her younger sister, Bless also works in the movie industry. Her other sister, Joelie is a gymnast like Berelc.

Berelc youngest’ sister, Skype, on the other hand, is still trying to figure out her career path as she is still quite young for her own age.

Does Paris Berelc have Boyfriends?

Despite being at the young age of 20, Paris Berelc has managed quite a substantial number of guys on her boyfriend list. Her love diary includes the likes of guys such as Peyton Meyer, Steven Perry, and Aramis Knight.

But to take the present into account, Berelc is currently dating her singer and actor boyfriend Jack Griffo.

Paris Berelc with Jack Griffon
Paris Berelc with Jack Griffon

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The young rising couple started dating somewhere in between 2017. Furthermore, Berelc and Griffo even went on to publicize their relationships to solidify their love for each other.

On a recent note, girlfriend Paris Berelc and boyfriend Jack Griffo worked together for the comedy series Alexia and Katie.

Paris Berelc’s Career and Net Worth

Paris Berelc’s career took hiatus from gymnast when international modeling agency, Ford Models came calling to have her become one of their models. She was only 9 at the time.

With Ford Models, Berelc appeared in a lot of advertisement for brands like Kohl’s, Boston, Store, Seras, and K-Mart. She later enrolled herself with Acting Studio Chicago. As a result, she learned quite a lot in acting.

Paris Berelc
Paris Berelc

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After acting schools, Berelc made her debut in the Disney XD’s sitcom, Mighty Med (2013). She took a short break from acting.

But, she returned on the screens in 2015 and awed her audience in the movie Invisible Sisters. The same year, she also acted in acclaimed series Lab Rats: Elite Force.

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Recently, Paris Berelc acted on the comedy series Alexa and Katie. The series premiered on Netflix on the 23rd March in 2018.

YouTube: Paris Berelc in Alexa and Katie trailer

With such early start into show biz, Berelc is of no strange to Hollywood ’s paychecks. She has been receiving quite a hefty sum from a very young age. Berelc receives an annual salary of around $97,734 from her modeling and TV-series career.


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In addition, Berelc also receives additional income from her YouTube channel which currently has over 6k subscribers.

She also generates additional money from her Instagram accounts promoting all that fancy brands and merchandises. From her Instagram, she earns around $3.6k to $6k per ad post.

To take all into account, Paris Berelc, as of now, is estimated to have over $1 million of net worth.