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Quick Facts of

  • Born NamePamelynn Eichner
  • Height5 feet 7 inches
  • Eye ColorGreen
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityWhite
  • ProfessionActor, producer, shark diver, and ocean conservationist
  • Net Worth$700 thousand

If you have watched One Good Man (2009), then surely you must know Pam Eichner, who appeared as Cindy Young in the movie.

Pam is a talented actress with over 19 acting credits and a producer credit. Besides, she is also a shark diver and ocean conservationist. Meanwhile, Eichner seems quite happy with her personal relationship as she’s bore two kids. More on this here!

Pam Eichner’s Astonishing Net Worth

Pam Eichner, as we’ve already stated, has over 19 acting credits under her name. So, from her movie appearances, the lady has amassed a net worth as much as $700 thousand as of 2020.

So far, Eichner worked in 19 movies and TV series. Unquestionably, she made her fortune through her filming career. The mother of two receives around $50,000 annually from her movies. Apart from this, she takes home $15000-$25000 via episode from the TV series she appears in.

Pam also did many commercials such as MetaStock, Lifepath health care, KIA, etc. from which she must have received decent money.

Pam Eichner’s Kids and Love Life

Pam Eichner gave birth to twin children, Matthew Eichner, and Sarah Eichner on September 15, 2003. Both of them are enrolling in high school.

Pam Eichner’s daughter Sarah is a Karate player in Vegas. In fact, she’s performed in a number of tournaments.

Not only Sarah performed as a karate player but also she starred in two movies. In the 2016 Sacred Vows, the daughter of Pam portrayed the role of Isabel. Furthermore, in Love Everlasting (2016), she acted as a daughter.

Though Pam’s shared about her kids, she has stayed silent about her partner.

Pam Eichner as a Shark Diver

The mother is two is so much fond of oceans. Therefore, she is working as a shark diver and ocean conservationist.

Eichner often posts on her social media, Instagram and Twiter about her sharks diving adventures. As a matter of fact, she is obsessed with sharks and ocean.

Pam posted a picture of two sea lions in August 2019. Obviously, Eichner is against hunting them.

Previously, in November 2018, a sea lion was shot with a 16-inch crossbow. So, Eichner commented against the shooters. Since they shot the sea lion just above her shoulder, the Sausalito Center saved the sea creature. She stated that sea lions are protected under the 1972 U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Quick Facts

  • Pam volunteered at the National Philanthropy Day on November 15, 2018.
  • Eichner became the Wish Ambassador for the Utah chapter of Make-A-Wish.
  • She created a comedy presentation called Honk, which is one hour long.
  • She considered sharks to be her valentine.
  • Pam recently celebrated her birthday on 25th February.
  • She is fond of reading books.

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