Paige Spara is one of the talented actresses who lightened the mood of fans who watch her. Most of you following the television series might already recognize her as she plays one of the leading roles in the American hit series The Good Doctor.

Many, besides, want to know more on the lady’s private life which seems to be well hidden by her. So, today let’s learn about her life, if she is dating, married, single and also other facts!

Who Is Paige Spara?

Paige Spara is an American actress who is famous for movies such as Audition (2015), Home Again (2017), and others. Currently, her movies She’s in Portland and Stale Ramen is in post-production.

On television series, the charming actress is famous Kevin From Work and The Good Doctor. Additionally, she has also featured in Louv’s music video I Like Me Better in 2017.

What Is Paige Spara’s Relationship Status?

Paige Spara is likely single right now as she does not appears to be dating anyone. Apart from her on-screen romance with her male counterparts, she does not even have past chemistry and relationships.

Although possibly single she often posts pictures with various guys on her social media accounts almost indicating that she is in a romantic relationship. However, that is nothing more than just thought.

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Paige is usually busy with her works doing shooting, promoting her movies and series, and things like that. But when she is free, she likes to spend quality time with her friends and families.

The Good Doctor star, besides, is quite fond of kids and often posts pictures on her Instagram with her baby nephew. Who knows maybe she will have children of her own in the near future? Hopefully, it will!

How Much Is Paige Spara’s Net Worth? What About Her Salary?

Paige Spara has a net worth of $500 thousand which she made from her acting career. On average an actor in the US earns around $39.84 an hour and $50,235 annually.

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As for her on-screen works, the charming star portrayed the role of a bartender in the movie Home Again (2017). The American romantic comedy film made on a budget of $15 million managed to accumulate $37.3 million at the box office. The movie featured other stars like Resse Witherspoon, Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky, and Pico Alexander.

Check out the video of Paige Spara’s featured movie Home Again (2017)!

Starring in such popular series and other movies she surely received a hefty amount from her service. It is really hard to imagine if she did not!

Body Measurements: Paige Spara

Paige Spara stands at a height of 5 feet 1 ¾ inch (1.57 meters). Similarly, her hair color is light brown while she has a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.

Quick Facts: Paige Spara

Where and when was Paige Spara born?

Washington, Pennsylvania, United States August 08, 1989

Who are Paige Spara’s parents?

Kim Spara and Kevin Spara 

What is Paige Spara’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Paige Spara belong to?


Where did Paige Spara receive her education?

Washington High School, Point Park University, Marymount Manhattan College

What is Paige Spara’s zodiac sign?


Which is Paige Spara’s debut movie?

Home Again (2017)

What is Paige Spara’s eye color?

Light Brown 

Which color eyes does Paige Spara have?


How tall is Paige Spara?

5 feet 1 ¾ inch.

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