We all remember sweet Paige Hyland is doing her dance things in ‘Dance Moms.’ It is no surprise seeing her gaining a huge popularity just at the age of 16 as fan followers are flooding in her Twitter, Instagram and various another social platform.

Besides her usual dance routine, she is up to something in her personal life as teen beauty is reported to be dating and has a dashing boyfriend around the corner. So who could be the boyfriend, we will come up with details including her bio, her family details and what is she up to now.

Dance queen dating rumors: Who is her Boyfriend?

Everybody loves the way Paige dance as she performs with her usual twist and turns on the dance floor. But she has left many fans to wonder as she revealed who she is dating as of now.

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She was linked with Nick Kelly when she was in Dance Mom. Paige posted the picture of the duo on Instagram, and it sparked the curiosity among fans. There were lots of unanswered questions as the comment section filled with questions after questions with no answer or official announcement by the couple them self.

Later in June, she revealed that she has a boyfriend with a post on Instagram. Fans were further left perplexed as she only mentioned Nick’s name in the Instagram post.


She made it clear who the mysterious boyfriend was, as she posted another picture of the couple with the duo in all smile and seemed like they were having a good time together.


With all those Instagram posts she made it loud and clear that she is indeed dating and has a boyfriend, though she has not officially stated that they are a legit couple the pictures and their brewing chemistry says it all.

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Everyone remembers her as sweet little and cute butterfly when she first came in ‘Dance Mom’. Now, she is all grown up into a beautiful girl. Page knows how to handle fame as she is constantly using social media to let her fans know what she is up to in her life.

A look at how Paige has changed since she joined ‘Dance Mom’

In 2011:

In 2017:

Kelly Hyland reminding everyone how her daughter looked during her tender age.

Short Bio Of Paige Hyland’s:

Paige Hyland is born to parents Kelly and Rayan Hyland on November 1, 2000. As of 2019, she is 18 years of age. She is youngest among three siblings with Brooke and Josh. Brooke and Paige are both acrobatic dancer.

Along with her mother Kelly and sister Brooke, she was the contestant in ‘Dance Mom.’ Famous dance family left the show in February of 2014.

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Besides earning from the dance TV show, she is active on her Youtube channel which further adds to net worth which is yet to be revealed officially by Paige herself. Paige Hyland is a role model for those who want to pursue their dream from a tender young age.