Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao remained behind the curtain while she was equally and responsibly involved in managing her “The King of Cocaine” husband’s family life. After her husband Pablo Escobar’s death, her life has remained in a big mystery. She is said to be undergoing her punishment for the illegal drug deals, while some rumors also say that she is either killed in the police encounter or is perhaps dead while fleeing from one nation to another.

Some unverified reports say she was killed along with her husband while they were in the drug transportation. Around these rumors, there are strong grounds that she has remained in exile in several countries like Colombia, Argentina, and the South American nations as she couldn’t get shelter as a refugee because of her association with her cocaine dealer husband. We hope you will find this article informational as we have tried to give you the most of the information about Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao’s married life, relationship with her husband and boyfriend, and about her rumored death.

Maria Victoria Henao Husband Pablo Escobar Death

Henao is the notorious cocaine dealer Pablo Escobar’s wife. Maria Victoria Henao is more known as Pablo Escobar’s wife rather than as her own established identity. Media and people’s interest in her have ever grown since Pablo Escobar’s death. First, let’s know how Pablo Escobar died.

Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar's death
The Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar’s death

Pablo Escobar was one of the most wanted drug dealers in the American continents. Notoriously known as “The King of Cocaine”, Maria Victoria Henao husband Pablo Escobar was involved in many other criminal activities like assassinations, bombing, bribery, racketeering, murder, and kidnapping people for ransom.

His involvements in criminal activities had made him the most wanted criminal and the police were in search of him for almost two consequent years in December 1993, when he was finally shot dead along with his bodyguard by the Colombian police.

Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Henao’s Married Life And the Relationship With Her Drug Dealer Husband

Maria Victoria Henao met her would be husband Pablo Escobar when her age was just 13. After a dating of about two years, she got married to Pablo Escobar when Maria Victoria Henao age was only 15. When they were married on March 29, 1976, Maria Victoria Henao’s age was 15 and Maria Victoria Henao husband Pablo Escobar’s age was 26. Maria Victoria Henao had met her would be husband through her brother. Pablo Escobar was her brother’s best friend.

Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria had never about her husband’s real business or profession until he was first arrested by the police. In the beginning, Pablo would always lie or avoid the arrest causes and try to develop false stories regarding his arrest, later, Maria started being more conscious about her husband’s job. When it was reported that the Justice Minister was killed by an assassin sent by Pablo, the Pablo Escobar wife felt the false curtain before her eyes had fallen.

Faithful Wife of a Cheating Husband

Now the illusion removed. Pablo Escobar’s real face revealed. Knowing that her husband is involved in killing and destroying people’s life and happiness, the Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao must have thought about better alternatives. However, she lived her life in compromise with what she felt better of the criminal husband. While Pablo Escobar also engaged in dating other women, Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao remained faithful to her husband and showered her love for their children, an important share with her infidel husband.

Pablo Escobar family
Pablo Escobar family

Maria Victoria’s close ones even describe her lonely times when her infidel husband was out of home either because he was imprisoned, or because he was escaping and hiding from the notified arrest. In her prime youth of age 20’s, she had to miss her husband frequently. She had to remain inside her closet while being afraid of being questioned by the police officers frequently of her husband’s whereabouts. Her life would frequently go through ups and downs only because of her husband’s drug dealing job.

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Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Henao And Their Children

Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria was blessed with two children. Her husband would frequently busy himself in the cocaine business and drug dealing, and Maria Victorian would take the full responsibility of rearing their children. Their first child was born on 24 February 1977 when she was only at the age of 16. The baby boy was named after them as Juan Pablo Escobar Henao. Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria gave birth to a baby girl as their second child when Juan was already 7 years of age. The children could hardly see their parents together while they were blessed with her loving mother’s care.

What Happened to the Pablo Escobar Family After His Death?

The family was apparently ruined after the drug dealer father’s death. Maria Victoria Henao didn’t involve in individual businesses rather than her husband’s illegal money-making. Of course, she didn’t like her husband’s profession, but she also couldn’t leave her family and some good times she had spent with her husband. But what happened after the husband was killed?

The family almost shattered with the insurmountable grief of the patriarch’s death and also because the entire property was under police surveillance. The hostile relationships of Pablo Escobar had earned the family with a number of enemies who wanted them to be killed. In addition, Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria Victoria’s son Juan Pablo issued a statement after his father’s police assassination that he would take revenge on his father’s killers. This made the Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria and their children’s life more insecure. They also tried to go out of Colombia, but not nation would permit them an entry let alone staying for a while.

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Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria had a very difficult life with her husband’s criminal stains on her family faces. The Colombian government also attempted a clean remedy for them. The family was thus given a new identity which ended any relationships and connections with her dead drug dealer husband Pablo Escobar. With their new identities, the family moved to Mozambique and then to Argentina. They are said to have entered Argentina on December 24, 1994, as tourists and are taking shelter there.

Has Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Henao Died?

After their disappearance from Colombia followed by their identity change, the drug dealer Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria is also rumored to be dead. But there are not any verified news regarding her death. Some sources say that the family went through imprisonment in Argentina for money laundering and documents falsifying. After the jail sentence, the Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao started living a freed life in Argentina.

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Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Henao Wiki Bio

Maria Victoria Henao was born in Colombia in 1961. She was married to Pablo Escobar in 1976 when she was only 15 years of age. She has two children. Her husband was killed in a police encounter in Colombia in 1993. Thus she became a widow at the age of 32. No news say that she ever married any another husband. She is said to be living in Argentina now with a new identity.

Maria Victoria Henao young photo
Maria Victoria Henao young photo
Pablo Escobar childhood photo
Pablo Escobar childhood photo

Pablo Escobar Wife Maria Victoria Net Worth

Records say Pablo Escobar had accumulated US$ 20 billions of net worth. Unfortunately, Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao couldn’t privilege with the property neither her children could inherit it as it was all illegal. Most of the Pablo Escobar wife Maria Victoria Henao’s years spent struggling for safety and settlement rather than making money. Hence, the widow hasn’t been able to accumulate considerable wealth, and no figure is not out yet. We will soon update it once it is made available.