Clark William AKA Oprah Sideverson’s Dating Life, Girlfriend, Family, Career, Wiki, Bio, And Net Worth

Oprah Sideverson YouTube, dating, affair, girlfriend, career, net worth, bio, wiki
Photo Credit: Oprah Sideverson's Instagram.
Born NameClark William
Birth PlaceThe United States
Height6 feet 6 inch
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignAquarius

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A lot of people has become famous worldwide because of YouTube. Some people use to post their unusual activities, while some people show their talent and become famous. The current generation is widely dependent on the internet and online resources for every kind of knowledge and entertainment. One such talented YouTube personality is Clark William, better known as Oprah Sideverson.

Let’s jump into Oprah Sideverson’s dating, affairs, and girlfriend. Similarly, more underneath information regarding Oprah Sideverson wiki facts, career, and his net worth.

Oprah Sideverson’s Dating Life; Girlfriend and Affairs

Oprah Sideverson was nobody in the internet world until 2015. He became a rising star on YouTube after uploading his video in 2015. Oprah Sideverson is so focused on his career rather than being involved in love life. He previously used to date some girls in Chicago, but details about them remained within him only. No one has any information regarding Oprah Sideverson’s dating life till the date.

Youtube star, Oprah Sideverson aka Clark William
Youtube star, Oprah Sideverson aka Clark William

Oprah Sideverson could be looking for the right dating partner, or he does not want to disclose his girlfriend. The 23-years-old, Oprah Sideverson is a rising star and has millions of fans in social media. So, we can say many girls want to be a dating partner for him, but Oprah Sideverson is far away from dating a girl.

Oprah Sideverson’s Career as a YouTuber

Oprah Sideverson started his career after uploading his first YouTube video in 2014. The footage had details about unlocking badges in ‘NBA 2K15’, a series of basketball games. The video was an instant success that encouraged Oprah to create a self-titled YouTube channel on 11 April 2015. In this channel, he uploads vlogs and gameplay videos of ‘NBA 2K’. The channel gained over 1.5 million subscribers and over 656 million views as of March 2018.

Oprah Sideversion dating, affair, girlfriend, married, bio, YouTube
Caption: Oprah Sideverson in his funny face.

Photo Credit: Nai Buzz

Oprah Sideverson has another channel named “OprahSide.” Videos in his channels are categorized into a different playlist, namely ‘IRL Basketball Videos,’ ‘NBA My team Drafts’ and ‘Real Nigga Tales.’ While the first two playlists mainly deal with basketball, ‘Real Nigga Tales’ covers the day-to-day issues of black people living in America. Some of his videos like ‘Arrested in 8th Grade’, ‘The Best Day in My Life’ and ‘How I Almost Lost My Virginity’ portray the real lives of young Black Americans.

Oprah Sideverson is also associated with another YouTube personality named Cash Nasty, who is also known for his NBA posts. There are some OprahSide’s T-shirts, posters, mugs and other artifacts that are custom made and sold online to his fans across the globe.

Oprah Sideverson’s Net Worth

OprahSide is ruling his days on YouTube, being a YouTuber, grasping more than 1.5 million subscribers and approximately 656 million views. He has earned an enormous amount through his YouTube vlogs. But talking about Oprah Sideverson’s net worth, it is estimated to be $250,000; $2300 per day, ($840,000 a year) from ads on his videos.

At the moment, Oprah earns around $1 thousand to $16.3 thousand per month while yearly, he earns in the range of $18 thousand to $195 thousand.

Instagram: Oprah Sideverson’s Bentley

OprahSide’s T-shirts, posters, mugs are famous worldwide, and his fans buy them online. His stickers, t-shirts, and other merch items are sold in various online stores. Usually, his merch costs in the range of $2.46 to $29.85, the expensive one being Oprah Sideverson Drawstring bag.

He also makes money selling those products. As an active YouTuber, Oprah Sideverson still uploads videos which are all liked by his fans. Hence, his net worth will even rise every month. Thus, stay tuned to us, for regular updates on Oprah Sideverson’s net worth.

Oprah Sideverson’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Height, Parents, and Family

Oprah  Sideverson was born as Clark William on January 21, 1995, in Chicago, United States of America. He was born into a middle-class African-American family and was brought up by his parents. Oprah Sideverson is currently 23 years of age. His actual height is 6 feet and 7 inches.

Oprah Sideverson identified himself with his African roots and was proud of being a Black American. He laughs extraordinary and is funny. He uploaded one video named Oprah Sideverson cancerous laugh on youtube.

Oprah Sideverson is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where he is known as Oprah Side Nigga or realoprahsidenigga. His Instagram account has more than 307k followers, and Twitter has 229k followers.

Quick Facts of Oprah Sideverson

Where is Oprah Sideverson originally from?

Chicago, USA

What is the nationality of Oprah Sideverson?


What is the ethnicity of Oprah Sideverson?

Afro American

How tall is Oprah Sideverson?

6 feet 7 inches

Under which birth sign was Oprah Sideverson born?