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Olivia Munn is Just Fine: She Recently Broke up with Her Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers!

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Last updated on November 8th, 2017 at 11:24 am

One of the beautiful and top actresses Olivia Moon recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend. She finally came out to limelight after taking a long break after breakup. She has now kept her love life open and stated being fine after split with Aaron Rodgers.

The real reason of the breakup was not disclosed before, but some rumours states that the reason was family of Aaron. People suspected them as his family once claimed Olivia to be fraud that stole their good son and turned him ill-natured. However, the report clearly states that this breakup is not connected with Aaron’s family members.

As per the source, here is the statement:

‘The breakup was not so melodramatic. With mutual consent, the ex-couple separated. Aaron is now a free man and loves being single. Also, he hopes Olivia to be happy.’

Further, it was mentioned:

The ex-pair is not in contact for now, maybe because of split; but they would still be friends and stay in touch.’

As mentioned in People News, the chance of both being together again is equals to nil.

‘Aaron is not thinking of getting back with his ex-girlfriend, neither do Olivia. Both of them still have some feelings but not of love; also both do not hate each other. What they are trying to do is move forward.’

Exactly two months ago, before split, the rumour of the ex-pair being engaged came to limelight. The rumour came out as Olivia’s ring finger was filled with ring and people started suspecting if Aaron proposed for marriage. Later, both of them denied the news.

Both split and rumours were disappointing for their fans and followers, but the good thing is (to followers who are waiting for chances,) the duo never engaged. However, both were planning to live together and follow wife-husband relationship.

But as of now, both have parted ways and their plans are as good as dead. However it would go in future, we would like to cheer Olivia up and wish her better future!

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