The Blonde Bombshell, Olga Ospina is weather reporter on Fox 11 news. Throughout her career, she covered headlines from the red carpet to the natural disaster.

The gorgeous Olga Ospina considers herself as a beach girl. From her alluring and charming face, she collects numerous fan followings. If you are one of those, the question about her love life surely triggers in your mind. Let’s explore her boyfriend and married life with us.

Who is Olga Ospina Boyfriend?

Olga Ospina is silent regarding her relationship status. As a matter of fact, Olga prefers a private love life. Hence, the information about her love life is under wraps. She isn’t spotted with anyone in public nor introduced someone as her boyfriend. However, she indicated she is the mother of a baby daughter in 2016.

Olga Ospina With Baby Daughter Sophie,

Source: Facebook 

As of her official Facebook account, it can be concluded that she welcomed a daughter, Sophie on 17 December 2016. Sophie weighed 6.4 pounds, 20 1/2inches after birth.

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Additionally, looking towards her social sites, she focused on her professional career rather than spending quality time with her family.

Besides this, there are rumors of her marrying twice. But she never confirmed tittle-tattle about her marital status.

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Furthermore, she reveals about being a mother in her social site. But she never throws a hint of being a relationship with her boyfriend. Hence, the information regarding her marriage, wedding, husband still remains a mystery.

Olga Ospina Net Worth

As of 2019, Olga Ospina net worth is around $1 million. What could be a source of income? Well, Olga gathers her wealth from her career as reporter and appearance in some movies.

Olga Ospina Reporting On News Channel,

Source: YouTube

Moreover, she hosts a Spanish language news magazine. Plus she served as news anchor for Univision in Salt Lake City and Quad Cities area.

The average salary of a TV reporter is $13 per hour and $39K per year. Therefore, working as a reporter, she might also have a salary of around this value.

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As of 2019, she is employed as a weather forecaster on KTTV- Fox 11.  The average payroll of a journalist in Fox Network is around $125,459 to$136,151.

YouTube: Check Out The Video Of Olga Ospina Reporting About Weather News

As a matter of fact, she also appeared in a couple of movies playing the character of a news reporter. The average earning of an actress in Hollywood ranges from $8.79 to $80 per hour.

Similarly, she is also noticed in TV series, Fox News (1987). The paid value of a TV actress is in between $15,000 to $25,000 per episode.

Olga is an avid pet lover. She apparently possesses two dogs.

Quick Facts About Olga Ospina

  • Olga Ospina celebrated her birthday on every 27th of June.
  • She was raised in both Columbia and Los Angles.
  • She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  • Olga is very fluent in Spanish.