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Is Ola Ray Married? She Has Daughter, But Is She From Her Boyfriend or Husband?

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For a celebrity, normal life is not gifted. They are always busy keeping their personal life a secret. For those, career sometimes outshines their private life. If one is well-known celebrity, they will have number of fans, and when there are fans and followers, rumors and gossips surely surround them. Today, we will be talking if Ola Ray married or is single. If you do not know Ola Ray, she is Michael Jackson’s girlfriend. She is already fifty-six years old, so is she already wife of someone or is single as of now? Let’s find out!

Is Ola Ray Married Woman?

You might know Iam Clark, as she is one famous persona. How is Ola Ray connected to Iam? She is 21 years old daughter of Ola. But about father, is very confusing, as Ray dated numerous males and her love life revolved around 30-40 males.

Ola Ray Dated Jim Brown

Ola was once addicted to drugs, so her popularity also counts her addiction. But what made her more popular was her love affair with Jim Brown. Most of people speculated Jim to be her father, but it was not proved.

When Ola’s daughter was born in LA, she was in love with real estate broker boyfriend. Even Ola was convinced that her boyfriend was her father, but she started doubting herself after three years.

While in interview with People Magazine, she mentioned:

‘I started doubting because Iam used to scream, every time he used to pick her up.’

As the reported mentioned by People magazine stated:

‘When Iam’s DNA was tested, her father was neither him nor Brown. Then she asked her friend named Terry Clark. It turned out to be his child.’

‘Terry felt shocked, as he was boyfriend of her in 1987. As he was on-and-off boyfriend, once they were together at night after breaking up with Brown. As of now, his income is deducted by $1000 a month, as a support to his child.’

Ola Ray and Her Daughter Iam Clark
Ola Ray and Her Daughter Iam Clark

So it is clear that her daughter is from her boyfriend, not from her husband. So what about her marital status? Well, she is pretty private about her marital affairs, and is keeping all information to herself. She might be married along with not married, so her marital status is unknown to all.

Ola Ray Quick Bio

Ola Ray Single
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Ola Ray was born back in the year 1960, on 26th August. She started her profession as actress at very kindling age. Her hall of fame includes many movies like 48 Hrs. 10 to Midnight, Toy Soldiers, Body and Soul and more.

Ola once featured in the Playboy magazine back in the year 1980. She featured many series and sitcoms like Automan, Cheers, and more. Her net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be around $500 thousands.