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Is Nonso Anozie Gay? CBS Series Zoo Star Cast’s Personal Life and Social Reach

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Nonso Anozie, Gemini, is popularly known as the wolf of TV series: Zoo and as Xaro Xhoan Daxos in HBO hit Games of Thrones. As we surfed through his bio in many websites, most of the people were asking whether he is gay or not. Actually, we are also not so sure about that. But, speculating his personal life gave us some idea about Nonso being Gay.

Anozie, born on 28 March 1979 in Lincoln UK is of black ethnicity with the height of American people i.e. 6.6 feet. For more of his height, weight and other issues, people are visiting sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. But, as always, there is no information about him being gay. As he is taken as an expert in securing his personal life; people are more interested in him.

nonso anozie in games of thrones as xaro xhoan daxos
nonso anozie in games of thrones as xaro xhoan daxos

Is Nonso Anozie Gay? Insight to his Personal Life

It might be hard for Nonso to manage low profile life being a celebrity. Actually, it is interesting and make us more curious about his life. As of now, there are no rumours of him being gay. But, there is also no information about him dating someone.

According to, Nonso is pretty good in not revealing his info in media. He was seen with some ladies in public places, but dating is not the part of a meeting.

We found one interesting fact, though. According to, Nonso is a probable person being gay. It is Vote measurement system that accumulates result as per visitors opinion. The survey result of 22 visitors proved him as 72 percent gay.

His Twitter account is full of series info only. What he shared was this video a month ago. He was having good time with his nephew.

This information also might not be so true. So, we went further and found a portal named As this site mentioned, 33 percent of visitors voted him being gay, while 67 percent of people voted him being straight.

At last, we surfed through, where there was mentioned him being single. As the news spread by, there are no any dating history or marriage issues; neither alleged children or divorce rumours. As he is already 37 years old and has no girlfriend till date, we can assume him being gay.

Nonso Anozie Social Reach

Every celebrity we know is connected in social medias. As of him, he has more social reach on Twitter than in any other. His twitter tweets count 860 tweets as of 9th September 2016 with 78k followers. But, sad to say, there is no personal info; all he shares are updates of his series.