Noah Earles’s Identity: Child Of Jennifer & Jason Earles

Noah Earles's pictures by her parents are not revealed yet.
Born NameNoah Earles
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Eye ColorBrown
ParentsJason Earles, Jennifer Earles

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Noah Earles is the daughter of Jason Earles from Hannah Montana and his former spouse, Jennifer Earles. Jason who played Jackson Stewart in the Disney series surprised when it was revealed that he was actually 29 years old when he took over the role.

But, what the fans also didn’t know was the fact that Jason Earles was also a father to her daughter. But, what else do we know about Noah Earles? Know everything about her below.

Noah Earles’s Parents Are Private About Her Identity

Many websites have shared pictures identifying Noah Earles as the daughter of Jason Earles and his former wife, Jennifer Earles. However, Jason & Jennifer are super concerned of Noah and her privacy.

Noah Earles is the daughter of Jason Earles from Hannah Montana.
Source: Pinterest

The Hannah Montana star has never even brought his child on the red carpet and public events to protect her daughter’s personal space, as of May 2020. As a matter of fact, Noah’s parents don’t even like to publicly discuss anything that regards their child.

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Noah, however, was born in California. Her parents were only married from eleven years before they divorced in 2013, due to which Noah lives mostly with her mother. Noah also has a new step-mother.

Who Is Noah Earles’s Step-Mother?

In 2013, the same year, Noah Earles’ parents divorced, her father Jason Earles met a new woman and fell in love. And, the new woman in her father’s life was none other than Katie Drysen.

Noah Earles’s father & step-mother tied the knot in 2017.
Source: Pinterest

And, interestingly, Katie and Jason fell so deeply in love that the couple decided to walk down the aisle after six years of their dating life. Speaking of Jason’s wedding, his co-star, Emily Osment was also present at the venue to congratulate the bride and groom.

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Not to mention, Katie also highly respects her husband’s decision to protect Noah’s identity from the prying public eyes. Definitely, there is no doubt that Drysen is not a good step-mother to her step-daughter.

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