If you have seen Nilsa Prowant on MTV’s Floribama Shore, you may have known that she did her own hair and makeup! The 23-year-old, Nilsa Prowant from Panama Beach, FL, works as a stylist. She is now ready for her reality TV closeup. Nilsa Prowant is a PCB local who wants to experience life on “the other side” of the city for once.  She lets herself loose and parties hard with seven other people in a house on the beach. But what about her love life? Is Nilsa Prowant dating a boyfriend or has Nilsa Prowant married already? Know the details and explore the facts on Nilsa Prowant wiki and also on Nilsa Prowant net worth.

Who is Nilsa Prowant From MTV Floribama Shore?

Nilsa Prowant calls herself “nillythesquid” on social media platform Twitter and Instagram. She is a makeup artist and does hair and makeup for photo shoots and also prom attendees at local high schools. Nilsa is a native of Panama City Beach. In regards to Nilsa Prowant career, according to her Facebook profile, she is a photographer and makeup artist.

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Caption: Nilsa Prowant is one of the contestants on MTV Floribama Shore.

Nilsa Prowant also entered Maxim magazine’s Finest contest. She and JWoww (Jennifer Lynn Farley) were cast on popular MTV reality programs. Nilsa has found a new family with her co-stars and all thanks to MTV Floribama Shore.

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Nilsa Prowant Married; Divorced Her Ex-Husband!

As the MTV Floribama Shore is all about living together in a house, partying, and building a relationship with co-stars, most of the viewers consider the contestants to be single. But what about Nilsa Prowant? Has Nilsa Prowant married already?

Well, the 23-year-old, Nilsa Prowant is a divorcee. Yes, you got it right! She was once married and divorced her husband. But who was Nilsa Prowant husband?

Nilsa Prowant husband is an army in the Marines and she got married to him in 2014 at the age of 20. However, she has not disclosed the name of her husband yet.

So this happened today ❤️ all is well in my world.

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Caption: Nilsa Prowant with her ex-husband.

Nilsa Prowant divorced her husband and is currently single. She feels like the marriage made her miss out on her life and now she is single and ready to show her boobs. According to Nilsa, her husband was amazing and her parents loved him. She thought she would spend the rest of her life with her ex-husband but the dream ended in a divorce.

Nilsa Prowant was pregnant with her ex-husband’s child. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage and was left to grieve alone by her husband. Miscarriage brought too many conflicts in their relationship. Nilsa Prowant husband also cheated her, so she divorced him. In a tweet, Nilsa said that she wouldn’t get married again!

Caption: Nilsa Prowant won’t get married again!

From now on, Nilsa Prowant pregnant, Nilsa Prowant married, and Nilsa Prowant children are all future talks.

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Nilsa Prowant Dating; Who is Her Boyfriend?

Nilsa Prowant married life has ended already, but what about her dating life? Is Nilsa Prowant dating someone?

The reality TV show MTV Floribama Shore is all about starting a relationship with co-stars. Some of the contestants have already started dating their partner. But Nilsa lies behind in such dating affairs.

According to MTV.com bio:

Nilsa is anxious to sow some wild oats this summer, but quickly finds herself in the middle of a “love square” with three other roommates. Safe to say Nilsa is going to be at the center of whatever is blowing up in the house

Well, we hope that Nilsa Prowant dating life will soon start! The main question is: who will be Nilsa Prowant boyfriend? She will most probably choose one of her co-stars and make him her boyfriend.

If you are interested in Nilsa Prowant dating life, stay updated, we will soon update you on Nilsa Prowant boyfriend and Nilsa Prowant dating life!

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Nilsa Prowant Wiki-Bio; Age, Birthday, Height, Ethnicity & Family!

Born in the year 1994 in Panama City, Florida, Nilsa Prowant birthday is on 2nd of January. With the upcoming birthday celebration in January 2019, Nilsa Prowant age will be 25. Her current age is 24.

Nilsa Prowant’s family is from Panama. She said that she and her family are blessed to call the USA their home.

How amazing is it that we get to be citizens of this great country. America has given my family so many opportunities, I am so blessed to call the USA my home.

Nilsa Prowant ethnicity is Panamanian-American. She is of American nationality.

She has not mentioned her height in social profile yet. So Nilsa Prowant height will be updated very soon!

Detailed information will be updated very soon on Nilsa Prowant wiki facts:

Nilsa Prowant Net worth

As a makeup artist and photographer, she must have accumulated thousands of net worth. With every episode of MTV Floribama Shore, she will get enough payment for sure. But how much is Nilsa Prowant net worth?

Well, she has not publicized the amount of her net worth yet. As of 2017-108, Nilsa Prowant net worth is under review. Once, reviewed, we will update you on Nilsa Prowant net worth!