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Nik Hirschi is an Australian social media influencer and car enthusiast. Furthermore, he is famous for being the manager of his wife Alex Hirschi, aka Supercar Blondie. Nik is very much passionate about his work and does the best he can for his wife.

The Hirschi duo became prosperous and wealthy together. To know about their success story, relationship, and net worth, please read the full article.

Who Is Nik Hirschi Wife Alex Hirschi?

Alex Hirschi, famous as Supercar Blondie, is a renowned Australian YouTuber and social media influencer. Furthermore, she has a fanbase of over 17 million, including her total social media following. The passionate automobile vlogger posts videos related to cars regularly on YouTube and Instagram.

Nik Hirschi with his wife Alex Hirschi
Nik Hirschi with his wife Alex Hirschi
Source: Instagram @Nikcars

Nik Hirschi is the husband of Alex. Furthermore, the couple has been married for more than 16 years now. Alex and Nik are couples as well as business partners. The duo is an absolute fan favorite. Additionally, the Hirschi couple is also best friends and gets along very well.

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However, even after 16 years of marriage, the lovebirds don’t have any kids. Nik states that they are enjoying their life right now and don’t plan to conceive a baby anytime soon. This statement has made their intentions very clear to their massive fan base.

More About the Husband of Alex Hirschi

Nick Hirschi was born in 1985 in Australia. Furthermore, the details of his parents remain a mystery to his fans. However, what we know is that Nik completed his Bcomm in Finance from the University of Queensland, where he met Alex and fell in love.

Nik Hirschi was shocked to meet Deadpool.
Nik Hirschi was shocked to meet Deadpool.
Source: Instagram @Nikcars

Nik started his career working as an apprentice for the Valiant Bank in Australia. He looked after various divisions, from trading and retail banking to private banking. Additionally, the celebrity also worked as an intern in the Standard Chartered bank.

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Hirschi decided to stop his banking career and started working as a manager for his wife. Currently, the star is responsible for his wife’s strategy making, business development, and PR. The celebrity couple works and travels together and is passionate about their career.

How Much Is Nik Hirschi Net Worth?

Nik Hirschi has an incredible net worth of $800,000. The majority of his earnings came from his work as a talent manager and influencer. However, we can assume that the celebrity also earned a decent income through his banking career.

Nik Hirschi in front of his Ares S1 Hypercar
Nik Hirschi in front of his Ares S1 Hypercar
Source: Instagram @Nikcars

On the other hand, his wife Alex Hirschi has a shocking net worth of $4 million. The social media star has 9 million followers on Instagram and over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. Moreover, Alex makes a decent amount through her brand deals and sponsorships.

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Nik also has an Instagram account with over 480k followers, where we can see him post his luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, the couple lives in Dubai in a massive house and owns supercars like Aston Martin ($297k), Lamborghini Huracan ($203k), and Ferrari ($470k).

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