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Know Nicole Boer Net Worth and Salary in 2017: Know Her Income Sources!

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Nicole Boer, formerly Nicole De Boer is one famous actress who rose to fame as Joan Leaven for the movie Cube. She is Canada-born who also featured in Star Trek series and The Dead Zone series. She also worked together with Hans Beimler for several series. In this column, we will be discussing about Nicole Boer net worth and salary along with her income sources, stay put!

Nicole Boer Net Worth: What’s Her Income Sources?

Nicole Boer has not revealed her net worth till date officially. As she is serious in every role she takes, she took enough time before featuring in movies and TV series. She re-joined her career in 2016. As she is model cum actress, her net worth might surely be higher than any other TV series actors and actress.

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Although we know her net worth to be in millions, we do not know the exact figure of her worth. Also, there is no data available regarding her salary. It seems she is taking some time before disclosing her income, its sources and her properties. As per our estimation, her net worth seems to be around $4 million. Mostly, her income and revenue generates from the movies and TV shows she performs.

Nicole Boer Quick Bio

Nicole is married women, as she tied knot with John Kastner. Boer came to limelight from two movies named The Dead Zone and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But her real career started with Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner where her role was not defined. This series featured Vincent Price and Red Skelton. For the movie The Dead Zone, she is known being Sarah Bannerman, while for the movie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she is best known being Ezri Dax.

Apart from movies, she featured for the series 9B aired from CBC channel and also in The Kids in the Hall. She was featured as Dr Alison Porter for the series Stargate Atlantis and as Marion Caldwell in Haven series.