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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameNicole Beharie
  • Birth Place West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Height5 feet
  • Eye ColorLight Brown
  • Zodiac SignCapricorn
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Ethnicitymixed
  • Professionactress and singer
  • Net Worth$3 million
  • Weight50 kg
  • Age33
  • ParentsColleen Kilgore

Breakups and Patch-ups are not much of deal for the most celebrities but may be more devastating in most cases. Some might feel it be a turning point for a new life and some might trigger themselves to depression. The same thing happened to Nicole Beharie, renowned actress who triggered herself to depression after the split with her ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender.

Today, we will be discussing Nicole Beharie dating life, the reason for ex-split and is she able to overcome depression or not!

Nicole Beharie Dating Life: Michael Fassbender is First Boyfriend

As an actress, Nicole Beharie was working for ‘Shame’ movie where she first met Michael Fassbender. Michael appeared as the co-star for the movie. Both worked as a couple in the movie and eventually, turned reel life romance to real life.

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In May 2012, Daily Mail, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Michael were seen publicly together in New York. Similarly, after the public dating, Michael announced his relationship with Nicole.

Youtube: Former boyfriend and girlfriend, Michael and Nicole

“We are together. We would like to meet as more as possible, but the distance between us does not help more. As for we, living in two long-tour places: New York and England!”

Nicole Beharie and Michael Fassbender No Longer Together

In January 2013, the duo ended their relationship. Nicole and Michael were no longer together which Nicole annouced publically via Twitter:

The real cause of separation is not disclosed till date, might be because of misunderstanding or something like that. This unexpected dumping from Michael surely was heartbreak for Beharie. Likewise, her fans and followers were convincing her not to be depressed through twitter:

Speculated Reason for Nicole-Michael Breakup

In October 2013, Celeb Itchy, Michael made a statement about the new relationship he is continuing. Although the name and dating period was not disclosed, he claimed to be influenced by this new girl even when he was in relation to Nicole. His statement was:

“I am interested in making friends. But she is the one who kindled interest over her. While meeting her, I felt myself as a boring old man. She has a charm that no other people have.”

Former girlfriend and boyfriend, Nicole Beharie and Michael Fassbender
Former girlfriend and boyfriend, Nicole Beharie and Michael Fassbender

People, Nicole’s fans and followers speculated him to be a playboy, who was just playing with Nicole’s feelings. The statement given by him was vague in itself.

Is Nicole Beharie Able To Overcome Depression?

It has been already three years since she broke up. For Michael, he was already in relation with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. But for Nicole, it took a lot more time than for Michael.

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Besides, there were a lot more people to support her, and try their best to help her. Namely, Tom Mison was the person who tried heart-filled to convince her.

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Feeling clean. new

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Moreover, her co-star from the “Sleepy Hollow” had shown and given full moral support to the lady to overcome the issue. Similarly, her handsome co-star Tom Mison had tried his level best to convince her to forget the man and move on.

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After all these, the actor is focusing on her career and is enjoying her single life.

Nicole Beharie Body measurement

  • Height = 1.55m or 5 feet 1 inch.
  • Weight = 54 kg
  • Age = 34