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Many gamers stream on Twitch.tv, but no one has ever come this far in playing Fortnite Battle Royale, Call Of Duty, and Gears of War franchise as NickMercs has come. He is one of the world’s most famous Twitcher who gets more than two million views on live streams.

The way he plays Fortnite Battle Royale and beats up his records are the only reason for his fame. Moreover, he is a 27-year-old young Twitcher who has made money through playing games and also has an active fan following on his social media sites.

Many are excited to know him better. So, is NickMercs dating someone? If then, who is NickMercs’ girlfriend?

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Along with the dating affair, NickMercs’ net worth has become a public’s interest as they want to know how much he makes playing games. So, let us reveal each detail about NickMercs’ wiki facts, bio, girlfriend, net worth, age, height, job, and parents.

NickMercs Dating Affair: Who is His Girlfriend?

Nick has maintained an attractive body physique which can increase the chances that he has a girlfriend or been engaged in a relationship. Well, Nickmercs is still single and has no girlfriend yet.

Well, it looks like he splits most of his time on live streaming and spending quality time with his beautiful girlfriend whose name hasn’t been revealed. However, he calls his girlfriend “emu” or “Emumita Bonita.” Emumita could be her real name, but he has yet to confirm.

The pair together is adorable and is likely to get married soon. However, NickMercs hasn’t spoken anything about his wedding to his girlfriend. But looking at their pictures on NickMercs Instagram, we can say that the duo enjoys being together and holding each other’s back.


A post shared by Nick Kolcheff (@nickmercs) on

We hope Emumita will soon be NickMercs fiancee and then his wife.

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NickMercs finally proposed his longtime partner live on Twitch! On July 8, 2019, Nick let his viewers in on a secret proposal.

Nick got down one one knee and popped the question. Look at the engagement ring!

Recently, Nickmercs posted a YouTube video on his channel with the title, I’m Getting Married. Though the video was fortnite-based, Nick revealed that his to-be-wife and her mother are running here and there to find a sweet wedding spot.

Mercs also joked about having an argument with his fiance about having an Alpaca in their wedding.

YouTube: NickMercs I’m Getting Married

Congrats to the couple!

NickMercs Wiki-Bio: Age, Height, Parents, Real Name

The professional gamer and Twitch Streamer, NickMercs, was born in the year 1990 in Michigan, United States. His birthday falls on 21st November, which makes his age 27. He has a tall height which enhances his masculine personality.


His real name is Nick Kolcheff, but he changed his name as most of the gamers do and used a stage name NickMercs.

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There is not much information about his parents, but he has two younger siblings. He completed his schooling from City High School and attended the University of Michigan for completing his graduation. His dream to become a gamer was in his mind from his childhood days. Today, he is only known for his YouTube channel and Twitch account.

NickMercs Net Worth

Some sources claim that NickMercs net worth is $1 million as of 2020. He has never gushed a single word about his earnings and income from Twitch and YouTube. From around 12 tournament appearances, he’s earned as much as $125 thousand.

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The star makes $2.7 thousand – $42.5 thousand monthly and $31.8 thousand – $509.5 thousand yearly from his YouTube channel. He also earns a huge amount of money from his Twitch career. In addition, he collected around $2,194.5 – $3,657.5 from her Instagram. Besides, he owns a Mercedes costs $26,570.00 to $124,500.00.


NickMercs created his YouTube channel on 4th December 2011. In the starting of his YouTube channel, he didn’t get many views on his uploaded videos. But at that time, he also began streaming on Twitch.

After he made his account on Twitch, his fan followers on Twitch rapidly increased because of Fortnite. Whenever he started live streaming; he made a new world record that was impossible to beat by anyone else. He made a world record of 56 killings in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Being a very famous personality on Instagram as well as on Twitch, he has been making videos and earning an impressive sum of money. He recently won the KEEMSTAR Fortnite Friday tournament. His team received the cash prizes.

Apart from these, the North American esports organization 100 Thieves started as a joint venture between Nadeshot and Nickmercs. As per Nick, the main reason he joined the organization and moved to LA was to grow his brand. However, he mentions how things didn’t go according to plan, which tied into his left.

“We went out there. The plan was for me to grow and in turn, grow 100 Thieves. That was my role. And he made some promises to me, as a friend, [about] how we were going to do it and how he was going to take care of me,” Nick said. “And it didn’t just end up happening. I don’t hate the guy; I definitely don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. He and I are not cool — we’ll never be cool. I don’t want anything to do with him. I’ll never do business with him. I’ll never sit down at a table with him ever again.”

The man has recently signed a mutli-year deal with Twitch. Follwing his signing, he might become the number 1 channel for Fortnite Games on Twitch. Don’t forget that the Faze Clan has also signed the multi year contract with Twitch.

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