Do you know about British reality show Love Island? If so then you might have heard the name, Niall Aslam? Niall Aslam is a reality star from Coventry, England who came into the spotlight after appearing in the reality show Love Island.

The lovable hunk with an adorably nerdy passion for Harry Potter has won millions of hearts, and now people are quite keen to know each and every possible detail about him. Get to know Niall Aslam’s dating history, relationship affairs, net worth, career, sources of income, salary, earnings, and the reason for leaving the show.

Why did Niall Aslam leave Love Island?

It was shocking news for millions of Niall Aslam’s fans that the Love Island contest has left the reality show villa. During Tuesday’s episode, Aslam’s co-star Alex George broke the news to the rest of the cast.

George claimed that Aslam left the villa for his personal reasons and unfortunately he can’t continue or come back to the villa.

George furthermore added that he feels sad about Aslam’s exit. In the same way, Georgia Steel who was once coupled up with Aslam said:

Obviously I was coupled up with him so obviously, I came closer to him than most people in here, but it wasn’t just that. He was actually my friend, my buddy.

However, MirrorOnline revealed the reason behind Aslam leaving the show was for “health reasons.” The bosses on the show decided and took the action that it was time for Aslam to head home.

Niall Aslam’s Dating Relationship in Love Island

Well, it might be a well-known fact that Niall Aslam’s dating relationship with Kendall Rae Knight is the first relationship and bond he shared in the villa.

Quickly after shafted him for Adam, Aslam was back on the top when new girl Georgia had her eye on him. Kendall ended up with Adam after he chose Welsh powerhouse Rosie over her. However, Aslam was happily in love with Georgia until the new boy Charlie took her on a date.

But it is not the end for Aslam. Soon later, he was accompanied by a new girl Megan Barton Hanson. The duo even went for a little Prosecco picnic in the view of a Spanish castle.

Niall Aslam and Megan Barton Hanson
Niall Aslam and Megan Barton Hanson Source: DigitalSpy

Sadly, Niall quit the show after less than two weeks of the bond.

Niall Aslam’s Past Affairs and Opens up about Ex-Girlfriend

Niall Aslam, who previously was famous as a construction worker was with his ex-girlfriend. As per him, he and his ex-girlfriend dated for around three years.

Niall Aslam’s dating relationship with his ex-girlfriend started when he was 17 years old and ended up when he was 20 years old. Aslam reveals that he feels sorry for her as her favorite programme is Love Island.

Aslam revealed that his ex-girlfriend called him an immature attention seeker and he claims “she won’t be wrong.” However, Aslam claims that his chewing like a barnyard animal is his worst attribute.

Niall Aslam’s Cosmetic Surgery

Last year in May 2017, the Love Island 2018 contestant Niall Aslam decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to have his ears pinned back.

Aslam had the surgery when he was 21 years old. He announced the news on Instagram revealed the operation and procedure he went through.

Getting your ears pinned back is normal and is something that most of the people undergo to improve their self-confidence. People undergo ears pinned back surgery if they are too much concerned about the way their ears look.

Niall Aslam posted a picture of himself wrapped in bandages and captioned the photo as: Got my ears done #surgery #cosmetic #pinnedback #edgy #selfie #getyourearsout #bigup #lolz.