On the screen, she is struggling with social bias, cultural domination and misguided politics in white Ivy League College in Netflix-original series titled Dear White People. Nia Jervier in the role of Kelsey Philips amuses at the existence of racism though it has been dethroned the ages ago. Nia Jervier character expands on the student who is ignorant of social injustice and political conspiracies yet strive the fellow student routine. Similarly, Nia Jervier reprises the portrayal of Saundra in 2018 dance comedy movie ‘Step Sisters‘. Want to dive into Nia Jervier wiki? Is Nia Jervier married?

Get to know everything about Nia Jervier married life, husband, partner, children, movies, net worth, Instagram presence, wiki, and bio. Let’s scroll down with us.

Is Nia Jervier married?

Nia Jervier stole the limelight as sweet as well as the dimwitted personification of Kesley Philips. It elevated numerous fans of Dear White People to Google whether Nia Jervier married someone else or fumbling into dating affairs. So, what’s Nia Jervier marital status?


Caption Is the actress Nia Jervier married?

Well, the talented actress is living off the hook beyond limelight focus. Her social media, as well as the media source, are unfamiliar with personal details of Nia Jervier. Don’t you think, Nia Jervier is quite secretive? However, it seems as if the Dear White People actress is bustling up auditions and future projects, which she mentioned in one of her interviews. Hence, it’s an exhaustive mode to stay in a relationship or commit to the partner.

The actress, Nia Jervier is not married yet, parading the single professional life. Thus the talk of Nia Jervier marriage details, husband and children are far away talks. Stay updated with us; we’ll be covering Nia Jervier private details, once it finds its spot in the limelight.

What’s the figure of Nia Jervier net worth?

Since 2009, she has been persistently working for TV industry. The year 2018 has been most welcoming for Nia Jervier with the breakthrough in Dear White People and Step Sisters. The popularity and new projects are the sources of the celebrity serving in the glam industry.


Caption; Nia Jervier with the cast members of Dear White People

So what’s the net worth of Nia Jervier? On the rough estimation, Nia Jervier net worth assumed at $2 million. With the landing of new projects/series/movies, Nia Jervier net worth might witness the change in the figures.

Nia Jervier Career

Since childhood days, she dreamt of performing in theater. Nia Jervier lived the dream by playing Once On This Island’, ‘The Apple Tree’ and ’The Music Man.’ She debuted the movie premises on the 2009 movie La La Land.


Caption; Nia Jervier in The Netflix Series Step Sisters 2018

On 2014, Nia Jervier featured as Coco’s friend in the original film, Dear White People. Again, she reprised Kelsey’s role in Netflix series Dear White people in 2018.

“The best thing for me would simply have to be that I get to play Kelsey, who wasn’t in the movie. Being given the opportunity to play a fully fleshed out role in a greater capacity means the world to me. I am so proud to be a part of such a groundbreaking project. It’s a movement. I love being a part of this show! Saying I’m extremely grateful for this moment would be putting it lightly.”

The same year, she appeared in the film Step Sister alongside Eden Sher. Regarding Television shows, Nia Jervier featured in the Twenties of Justin Simien and Bros of Anthony Hemingway.

Nia Jervier Wiki/Bio; Age, Education, Ethnicity, Family, Height, and Facts!

She was born on June 7, 1981, in Brooklyn, USA. Currently, Nia Jervier age is 37 years old. She is a graduate student from La Guardia Performing Arts High School. Then, she joined The New School’s Dramatic Arts to focus on BFA program. Nia Jervier beholds American nationality and Afro-American ethnicity. Sadly, Nia Jervier family details are yet to unveil on the media source.

On the height of 5’ 7”, Nia Jervier is garnering attention as the bitchy and feisty role of Saundra in comedy drama Step Sisters. Apart from acting, she has a firm passion for interior designing. So, she owns a boutique design company called House of Jervier introducing the number of inquisitive people to décor and creativity. Nia Jervier believes that embellishing the house does not need a hefty expenditure since a small attempt can bring soul to the home.

“You shouldn’t have to break the bank to live well. A bowl filled with fresh lemons or Granny Smith apples will upgrade and add life to a space”