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News Caster Sally Bundock’s Married Life Insight: Living Happily with Her Husband Paul Bundock

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Sally Bundock is one of the best news casters of BBC network. She is known to the world being anchor of business news, but her personal life is less known to all. The lady who reviews all the business does have narrow and mysterious life.

Sally married Paul Bundock in the year 1999 and it’s already 17 years they shared married life together. Till now, there are no rumours and scandals in their married life and also we did not find any divorce issues in their life.

Sally Bundock’s Married Life with Paul Bundock

In the year 1999, October; Paul and Sally got married in Market Harborough. This place is famous area in England. It is possible that the duo might have a memory in the same place. The duo took and exchanged vows and then started their married life happily.

Paul Bundock

Sally, Paul and Their Children

This cute couple has been blessed with three cute kids. The name of all three is not disclosed till date as if their name is similar to someone’s name. Moreover, it might also be like she does not want limelight of media to fall under her children.

Among all three, the very youngest one is baby boy who was born in the year 2011. He is already five now as of 2016. Here is one fine tweet made by Sally in her twitter account in July, 2012.

Bundock Family’s Trips and Vacations

Although Bundock family merely get time to spend some good time together, they always enjoy to the fullest when they are able to manage time. Being busy person never means to be hanging out with professional personalities, as Sally has succeeded in keeping her home in good mood.

In the year 2013, August, Sally planned a trip to France with her husband and children. Further, she also tweeted about being somewhere in France.

Before visiting France, the couple and children enjoyed their holidays in England. According to Paul Bundock’s Twitter account, he mentioned having some good time with wife, children and also did hunting in the forest.

Paul Loves His Wife Sally More Than Any Other!

Paul, who is currently handling operations of Digicut TV seems to be working as video editor as well. Not the editing part, but he is the one to love his wife Sally more than any other person. We confirmed this fact through Sally’s twitter account in which she mentioned how helpful he is. This twitter was about mouse and a cat fight. See for yourself:

The pair is together for almost two decades and we also do not want to hear some unexpected news from them. We wish their life to be blissful as always and also never to come some bad news from their married life.