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News Anchor John Berman Net Worth and Salary in 2017: Know His Income Sources and Career!

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An American news reporter, John Berman is one of the well-known celebrities. He works as co-host along with Christine Romans for the program named Early Start. Also, he is working as co-host for the program ‘At This Hour’ and for ‘New Day.’ As he established himself being reporter for CNN network, people mostly search his profile and want to know his net worth and annual salary. So today, we will be discussing about John Berman net worth and salary, along with his career and income sources.

John Berman Net Worth and Salary

Berman is one of the hard working reporters. We will discuss his struggle and success story in career section later. As he has experience in this field for more than 22 years, his net worth is highly assumed in millions. Working since 1995, one can make more than 100 million within 2 decades. Let’s find it out!
John Berman Hobby

Well friends, if you want to know his net worth, we are sorry to say that there is no official disclosure of his net worth till date. As he loves keeping secret everything that happens in his life, we rarely get enough information to share with you. But if you go through internet, you can find estimations of his net worth. According to Muzul, John’s estimated net worth is around $1.9 million.

This figure is not what we expected. What we expected was to be between 10-100 million. We will know if he discloses himself about his properties, real estates and all. Talking about his annual salary, he earns $40,000 a year, Reference confirms.

John Berman’s Career in Journalism

John joined ABC News Network soon after graduating from Harvard University. He applied for a junior post there. Later, because of his consistency in work, he became Chief Writer of ABC World News. When he started getting some fame, he shifted from ABC to CNN.

John Berman Loves Pet

In CNN network, he worked as general reporter from Iraq, and also in different places. In September 11, he was reporting from Iraq about what happened in the US, and relates the terrorist attack to be from Osama.

For now, he hosts ‘At This Hour’ and ‘Early Start’ program. The man who is known being CNN reporter loves playing basketball, loves to eat and has interest in books.

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