Expecting to go on to live as a centenarian these days is a far cry. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it is impossible for one to live up to a hundred years of age. People probably speculated a 20th-century American actress, Nedra Volz, to last till her 100th birthday but she didn’t.

Living for a long time, however, is not the most important thing; living life happily is. Living for 95 years, what struggles did Nedra Volz go through? Let’s find out details about her professional as well as personal life.

Who Was Nedra Volz?

Nedra Volz, who was born more than a century ago and who died more than two decades back, was an American actress. Volza was an active actress both in films and television from 1973 till her death in 1996.

Late American actress Nedra Volz. Source: IMDB

Nedra’s made her first significant film appearance as a free pass lady in the 1973 movie Your Three Minutes Are Up. Likewise, she also made her television film debut through They Only Come Out at Night in 1975. In the latter film, she portrayed the role of an elderly woman.

Death of Nedra Volz

You might have thought that Nedra Volz died of aging but that’s not the truth. As a matter of fact, she lost the battle against Alzheimer’s disease and breathed her last on 20 January 2003. She was survived by a daughter and a son, Linda Defenderer, and Edward Volz, respectively.

What Was Nedra Volz’s Relationship Status?

Late actress Nedra Volz married twice in her lifetime and gave birth to three children. So, who were her husbands and children? Let’s dig deeper into the personal life of Volz.

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Initially, Nedra tied the knot with Lester Rhode but it is unknown as to when exactly they exchanged their wedding vows. However, we know that Volz and her first husband, Rhode, divorced in the year 1944. Lester was a professional songwriter and also worked as the director of Vagabonds Orchestra.

Moving on to her second marriage, Nedra Volz married Oren Volz in 1944. Nedra and her second husband, Oren were having a blissful marital relationship till Oren’s death in 1987. Unlike from the previous marriage, Nedra gave birth to not just one but three children in total. Nedra and Oren shared two daughters; Barbara Lee Volz and Linda Defenderer, and a son, Edward Volz. 

How Much Was the Net Worth of Nedra Volz?

By the time of her death in 2003, Nedra Volz held a net worth of around $600 thousand. It won’t be wrong to claim that acting was the sole source of Nedra’s income. So, which movies and television films did she appear in?

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Regarding films, we can see Volz’s acting in Mule Feathers (1977), Little Miss Marker (1980), Lust in the Dust (1985), Mortuary Academy (1988), The Great White Hype (1996), just to name a few.

A still picture of Nedra Volz. Source: Fandom.

Likewise, she also gave some unforgettable performances in television films. Her major works in television include Good Times (1975), One Day at a Time (1976-82), Apple Pie (1978), Different Strokes (1980-84), Step by Step (1993-94), etc.

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As far as the earnings of Nedra Volz’s movies is concerned, Little Miss Marker made $6.321 million at the box office. Likewise, her another film, Lust in the Dust earned $727,639. Moreover, Earth Girls Are Easy also made a box office collection of $3.9 million. 

Nedra Volz: Body Measurement

Late American actress Nedra Volz was short in height as she stood only 4 feet 11 inches tall. Furthermore, she had grey hair while the color of her eyes was dark brown.

Nedra Volz: Quick Facts

Where was Nedra Volz born?

Montrose, Iowa, United States

At what age did Nedra Volz die?

96 years old

Where did Nedra Volz die?

Mesa, Arizona, United States

How tall was Nedra Volz?

4 feet 11 inches (1.49 meters)