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Rumours and Facts: Is NBC Reporter Kristine Leahy Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend? Is She Married?

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Well known reporter in NBC and Fox Network, Kristine Leahy also is a part of popular sport reporters who have thousands of fans and followers around the world. Because of her charm and working style, she is counted as one of the desired reporter in this era. For a girl like her, it’s usual to have given heart to someone special. Don’t you want to know who is Kristine Leahy dating? Today we will be covering about her private life.

As Leahy is successful in her reporting career, much of people speculated her dating time, but she has always denied the statement. Here are some of the rumours about Kristine Leahy dating life.

Kristine Leahy Dating Someone

Is Kristine Leahy Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Although Kristine always denied dating someone, here are some rumours that caught up her:

Rumoured Current Boyfriend: Aaron Hines

Kristine is rumoured to be dating Aaron Hines recently. As in the news of, Leahy started dating him 6 months ago and still is in relationship. As of Kristine, she has not claim about dating him yet. This news also created uproar among her fans and followers.

Seen in Public Places with Colin Cowherd

Kristine Leahy and Colin Cowherd

Many people also speculated Kristine to be dating with Colin Cowherd because they were seen together in most of places. Also, they pose a question to her as her Instagram account shows some pic in which they are together. As people were curious, she made statement through

“We are not dating. For me, having love chemistry is hard. To be loved, first one should be able to detect good willed person.”

Thus, for now she is single and is ready to mingle. For the fans, she is open and you can try your luck too.

Is Kristine Leahy Married?

Kristine has succeeded in maintaining secrecy in her life. Thus, we do not know if she has boyfriend, or has found partner. According to, she is single. So we can conclude that she is not married or has husband.

We cannot confirm if she is not married yet due to lack of proper information. The pic in Instagram and her suspicious love affair created a paradox in her personal life. We can neither accept the rumours about her dating Aaron Hines nor with Colin Cowherd. If we to know about her personal life, we will be updating it to you all. For now, all we can do is wish her best of luck for her future life.

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