Natalie Hage, 30, of Dallas, Texas, who is also a positive body influencer faced a body shamer bravely on an American Airlines flight to L.A. last week.

She was flying to L.A. from Dallas when she noticed the man on her side was loudly huffing, and “furiously Texting” someone.

When Natalie saw the text message of the man on her side, she noticed he was texting mean words about her. As reported, the text of the man was;

“Hopefully she didn’t have any Mexican food,”

and the other person texted him back with a message that reads;

“I think she ate a Mexican,”

Through her Instagram, she posted her message to all her followers to notify about the incident.

Natalie after viewing those “mean” text decided to address the man by sharing the video on her Facebook, and the video now has more than 1.2 million views on it.

The man, who body shamed Natalie, goes by the name Eric. He first denied those comments, but later apologized to her when she revealed she has video proof of his text.

YouTube: Natalie Hage body shamed 

Well, whatever be the case, the model, Natalie Hage loves her body and that matters the most. Say no to body shame!