Sir Paul McCartney’s Wife ‘Nancy Shevell’ Bio: Married Life, Children, Net Worth And Family!

Nancy Shevell age, networth, bio, son, height, family, husband
Nancy Shevell
Born NameNancy Shevell
Birth PlaceNew York
ProfessionVice-president of the 'Shevell Group of Companies,
HusbandPaul McCartney
Net Worth$ 200 million

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Nancy Shevell is an example of arduous women who battled cancer, sought love in ‘The Beatles’ artist Paul McCartney after the failed relationship and uplifted family business on the whim of bankruptcy. She rose to prominence as the third wife of the living legend, Paul McCartney. And Nancy Shevell bio unfolds her struggle in the family business of transportation and dilemma of falling for an individual after the hardship from bygone relationships.

Get to know everything about Nancy Shevell’s age, net worth, bio, son, height, family, and husband.

Nancy Shevell husband, Paul McCartney

She tied the knot with a lawyer turned politician Bruce Blakeman after the college affair. But, things got off between them and proceeded for the divorce process. Amidst the same year, Nancy Shevell met the living legend Paul McCartney in the Hamptons, on New York’s Long Island.

Caption: Nancy Shevell with husband Paul McCartney

Both of them were struggling from the unsuccessful marriage. So, the pair dated under the dark. But, the Beatles famed Paul McCartney’s spotlight couldn’t conceal their private affair. Media spotted the couple at the different place and confirmed their relationship. Also, Nancy Shevell unveiled the romance after the legal divorce finalized.

On October 9, 2011, Nancy Shevell walked down the aisle to exchange wedding vows with Paul McCartney. He presented Nancy the USD 650 thousand ‘1925 Cartier’ solitaire from ‘Tate Galleries.’ Well, their relationship is beyond an expectation. Another example is their prenuptial agreement which stated that Nancy wouldn’t go for alimony if the wedding with Paul breaks down.

Nancy Shevell Children

The spouse is in good terms with one another kids. Though they couldn’t guard the previous marriage, the couple shares a solid bond with kids. On the wedding day, Nancy Shevell gown designed by Paul’s daughter, Stella McCartney caught attention at ‘Old Marylebone Town Hall,’ London.

Nancy Shevell age, networth, bio, son, height, family, husband
Caption: Sir Paul McCartney with his son James and girlfriend Nancy Shevell Source: Reuters

Similarly, Beatrice, from his second wife, Heather Mills binged in as flower girl. Weren’t the kids supportive of father’s third marriage? On the same hand, Paul’s son James McCartney accepted Nancy as his new mother. She connects with five children of husband Paul McCartney firmly. Also, Nancy Shevell has a son named Arlen Blakeman from her previous marriage.

Nancy Shevell Net Worth

She is the vice-president of the ‘Shevell Group of Companies,’ her family’s transportation business. The founder of the company is her father. Three years later of joining the organization, Nancy position promoted to vice-president. Nancy Shevell is one of the former board members of the ‘New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

As of 2019, Nancy Shevell net worth accounts $200 million. Her position in the company and bygone authorities at the most extensive public transportation premises in the state of New York records such hefty figures. 

The lady also earns decent cash from her husband’s merch sales. On her husband’s merch store, a t-shirt costs somewhere from $40 to $55 while a hoodie costs around $95 to $100. They sell all kinds of goods from clothing to accessories to posters and prints. 

Nancy Shevell Family

She is the daughter of Myron Shevell and Arlene Shevell. Nancy Shevell lost her mother at an early age due to breast cancer. Since childhood days, she inclined towards father’s truck terminals instead of playing dolls. It garnered Nancy’s interest at the family business.

Caption: Nancy Shevell family

But, it wasn’t comfy for Nancy to maintain spontaneous records at the transportation company. The organization suffered from frauds and bankruptcy. Her father and uncle were held in custody for the charge of fraud. However, these hassles didn’t stand on her lane. Eventually, she cratered revenues and expansion on ‘Shevell Group of Companies’.

Nancy Shevell Bio

She was born on November 20, 1959, in New York. Nancy Shevell age is 58 years old. She will turn 59 this 20th November. As a sporty kid, she involved in girls football team during school days.

She relieved masculinity while growing up via education and sports enthusiasts. Yes! She holds a degree in transportation from the ‘Arizona State University. Only a few of the girls choose and graduate in the transportation course. Now, she rejoices in skiing and flying.

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