Most of the kids in the entertainment industry tend to follow the footsteps of their parents, but this child of a superstar didn’t, despite being gifted with the looks, talents, and connections. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about none other than the daughter of the late legendary Bollywood actor, Amrish Puri.

Amrish Puri, a Bollywood icon who mostly appeared in the Indian cinema with villainous roles, is still the most remembered and beloved actor. The actor left his legacy behind his millions of fans and a beautiful family that consisted of his wife, a son and a daughter named Namrata Puri. Yes, a son and a daughter. A lot of Bollywood fans seems to be unknown with Puri’s offsprings but scroll through to learn details about the daughter of Amrish Puri.

Who is Namrata Puri?

Namrata Puri is the daughter of the late Bollywood icon; Amrish Puri and his widow wife, Urmila Diveker, who chooses to live an ordinary life away from the limelight and public attention which is why she is less heard in comparison to the other celebrities children.

Namrata Puri is the daughter of Amrish Puri.
A childhood family portrait of Namrata Puri, the daughter of Indian hero Amrish Puri.

The early memoir of Namrata included a normal life whilst growing up with her elder brother, Rajiv Puri. Besides, Namrata is also the niece of actor Chaman Puri and Madan Puri and fellow actor and singer; K. L. Saigal, the first cousin of her father.

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Since Puri’s early childhood, she was a Science and technology enthusiast who later went on to pursue a degree in software engineer. As a matter of fact, it was Amrish who wanted her daughter to make a career path in different fields apart from the film industry.

Did Amrish Puri’s Daughter Namrata Puri Marry? Does She Share Any Children?

Namrata Puri is a blissfully married woman who tied the knot with husband Shirish Bagwe in 1987. Namrata and Bagwe are blessed with two children. The two grandchildren of Amrish Puri are Krish and Shantanu Bagwe.

Whereas for Namrata’s brother, Rajiv, he shares a married life with his wife Meena Puri with two children; Harshvardhan and Sachi Puri.

What Is The Net Worth of Namrata Puri?

In India, an average junior software engineering officer earns a minimum salary of at least $500 with an extra $100 commission.

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However, considering Namrata Puri’s wealth enumeration along with the inheritance from her father’s wealth who had a net worth of $20 million, her fortune is high.

Namrata Puri has net worth of $100,000.

Body Measurement of Namrata Puri

Namrata Puri stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches that carries the weight of 56 kg. Besides, Puri is naturally a black haired beauty who is blessed with dark brown eyes.

Namrata Puri: Quick Facts

Where was Namrata Puri born?


What is the nationality of Namrata Puri?


Which ethnicity does Namrata Puri belong to?

Khatri clan

Who is the father of Namrata Puri?

Amrish Puri

Who is Namrata Puri married to?

Shirish Bagwe

How many children does Namrata Puri share?


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