Life is not perfect as we all face hindrances in our life’s journey. Likewise, Nabila Hannis is such personality who faced a major setback in her field of work but she stood up and overcame those things with courage and integrity.

Nabila Hannis is a television star in the reality show Storage Wars and a true minded businesswoman. Thus, being a star on the show and businesswoman, questions arise regarding her net worth and her earning. Today, we reveal Nabila Hannis net worth, income as well as her personal life with several facts. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in.

How Much Is Nabila Hannis Net Worth?

As of 2019, Nabila Hannis has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Moreover, she managed to earn this hefty amount of money featuring on the hit reality show Storage War on A&E. Likewise, this show follows a group of auctioneers and buyers, as they attempt to buy potentially valuable items when abandoned storage units are off the auction.

Nabila Hannis
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Nabila Hannis is a buyer who rose to fame after purchasing a storage unit that contained Paris Hilton’s belongings which she reportedly sold for $10 million. Quick Fact, Paris Hilton is an heiress, socialite, author, actress, and entrepreneur whose net worth is of $300 million.

Nabila Hannis Controversy And Lawsuits

Nabila Hannis faced major difficulties while reaching a certain height in her career. Especially, one of those setbacks was the lawsuit filed by Paris Hilton back in 2007. Paris filed a lawsuit against the website,, which was selling access to Paris’ personal belongings, some personal diaries and private videos for a $39.97.

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However, the site claimed the items auctioned off after Paris faltered to pay the rent on an LA storage facility. On the other hand, Hilton said the items went into the 6,000-sq.-ft, storage unit a couple of years ago, when she and her sister, Nickymoved out of a house because the house was burglarized.

Hilton said in a statement to the Associated Press that she was apalled to learn about people exploiting her and her sister’s private belongings for commercial gain. 

In conclusion, the lawsuit alleged defendants Nabil and she paid $2,775 for Hilton’s items and then sold those items for $10 million to a businesswoman named Bardia Persa, the creator of

Is Nabila Hannis Single? Doesn’t She Have Any Child?

Nabila Hannis tied the knot with her high school sweetheart back on 22 October 1965. Furthermore, the couple went on to have two daughters together. However, she doesn’t disclose details about her personal life and keeps it hidden as much as possible from the media.

Nabila Hannis is close to her family. Similarly, she wished her father, a very happy birthday calling him the wonderful father, husband and one of the best man.

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In the meantime, she is enjoying her work life and business ventures and enjoying lavish life.

Quick Facts About Nabila Hannis

When and where was Nabila Hannis born?

October 22, 1965, Culver City, California

How old is Nabila Hannis?

53 years old

Zodiac sign of Nabila Hannis?


What is the ethnicity of Nabila Hannis?


Which nationality does Nabila Hannis belong?


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