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Molly McNearney is Pregnant Again: She Is Happy With Her Husband Jimmy Kimmel!

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Last updated on November 8th, 2017 at 11:25 am

Who does not know Jimmy Kimmel, he is one of the best comedy anchors in this world. He always come to limelight for sarcasm and sometime income,  but this time his name came out as his new baby is coming. Jimmy, together with his wife Molly McNearney are expecting new baby as of now.

Jimmy announced this news through his show and then curiosity of the couple started growing. So today, in this column, we will be discussing about Molly McNearney’s new pregnancy news and info of her family.

Molly McNearney is Pregnant Again: Waiting For Second Child

How happy they might be now, Molly’s happiness reached over the bridge already. The mother of a daughter named Jane Kimmel now is expecting second child. On the 26th Feb 2017, in Jimmy Kimmel Live show, her husband made the announcement of new baby coming.

The statement he gave was:

‘What’s coming now is a baby, hosted by my wife!’

Molly McNearney’s Married Life With Jimmy Kimmel

Talking about married life of Molly with Jimmy, the duo got hitched in the year 2013, and its already been around four years. Even when their married life crossed some time, their love and bond for each other has never been low.

We still do not know how the duo met and their eyes met. The duo never disclosed about their dating life, also back then as they kept everything in the box. But, what Molly disclosed to us was that they were dating for quite some time before marrying.

Molly McNearney with Jimmy Kimmel and Jane Kimmel

Around after a year, the duo was blessed with first child to whom they named as Jane Kimmel. Jane is now two years old and she too might be expecting younger brother or sister. Jimmy is not father of this innocent child only, as his children counts Katie and Kevin from his previous wife Gina Maddy.

Jimmy is family man, thus he shared one picture with his child Jane. But, humor did not let him escape onto this too.

My daughter Jane looks SO much like me

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Let’s us hope Jimmy take care of Molly more than how he used to do before. Also, we would like to congratulate both of them for better future.

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