90 Day Fiance is still a successful series and spin-offs seven seasons. Although the show is running strong, some cast member love life totally failed. Mohamed Jbali and Daniella Mullins messy love life are also counted on those.

Mohamed Jabli is one of the most controversial members in TLC reality show. He and his partner came more on news after their broken married life.

Well, Who is Mohamed’s partner on the show? How was their married life? Do they have any children?

In this section explore more about his married Life, girlfriend, Age, Height and more!!

Mohamed Jbali Have a Baby? Who Is His Girlfriend? Is his Married?

Mohamed Jbali and her lover Daniella Mullins firstly met in an online chat room. The couple got engaged, later Mohammed moved to Ohio.

However, their dating was not on a smooth path. Danielle lied all the aspects of her private life to Mohamed. Likewise, Mohamed claimed that he has a job, but she discovered it was all lie.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins Wedding photos.

Although knowing each other’s lie, the duo shortly tied the knot but Mohamed left Danielle soon after their marriage. Mohamed left to Florida with his other girlfriend. When Daniella saw their intimate photo on social media, she consults the lawyer.

Later, the story turned more interesting when Mullins filed for an annulment or a retroactive cancellation of marriage. Here, if all the legal producers get valid, Mohamed should get deported back.

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Furthermore, Mohamed fought back for annulment. The judge stated for Daniella it would difficult her to win. After the advised of a lawyer to change filing, Danielle steps back for annulment.

When it comes to Mohammad, he was the first who claimed Danielle to be mentally ill and she even cheated on him. He added that his ex-wife used to threat him in the name of deportation if he resists to sex with Danielle.

In addition, Mohammad even accused her of stealing his credit cards and also faked account using his name. Later, Danielle came forward and disagreed all the blames.

Finally, the duo divorced in October 2017. Looking towards the whole story, the couple was never in a committed relationship.

What was the life of a couple after a broken marriage?

After the messy divorce, Mohamed Jbali resides in Austin, Texas. His marital status is single and no news of involving in any lovey-dovey relationship. Therefore, he is not a baby’s father and girlfriend.

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Although, the broken marriage, Daniella still continuous to keep his last name instead of using her maiden name. From the previous relationship, Daniella had 3 teenage daughters and 1 adult son. As well as is the grandmother of her new grandson.

Even after, divorce Danielle is still trying hard to deport Mohamed despite pleas from her lover fans to “let it go”.

Danielle and Mohamed during a TV show

Regarding all the dramas in this relationship, no one finds any love chemistry and romance in the couple life. Maybe cupid shot wrong love arrow to both of them. Everyone can only claim that both are evil in their love affair.

Apart, Jbali is a dog lover and often posts the pictures of his dog on his social media.

What is Mohamed Jbali Net Worth? Know more about his earing. How the handsome man make money?

Mohamed Jbali enjoying a relaxing life in Texas. His actual net worth is not disclosed. But this net worth is less than six digits figures. As per some online sources,90 Day Fiance pays their cast members $1,000-$1,500 per episode.

Currently, he is working as a vlogger and earns dollars bills from there. He might have an average salary of $15.21 per hour. Vlogger is the only source of income for Jbali.

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Moreover, he owns a Stylish expensive Samsung Gear S3 watch which price is $349.Likewise, he owns Camera of Canon 6D II which cost $1,149. He also has iPhone 6s which value range from $199 -$499.

Further, Jbali is pet-friendly and snaps regularly pictures of the different dogs in his social media.

His Instagram even adds a good fortune to his net worth. His estimated earning per promotional post is $345.75 – $576.25. Similarly, his YouTube channel also adds some green bucks to his earning. The monthly and yearly earnings are around $0.61-$10  and $7-$117 respectively.

Check out his first Youtube video:

Currently, he is trying hard to establish himself back in the industry with the help of social media.

Mohamed Jbali Bio -Wiki (Age, Height, Nationality, and Social Media)

Mohamed Jbali is 26 years old man from Tunis, Tunisia. After marrying Daniella, Jbali holds American nationality and belongs to Arab ethnicity.

The handsome hunk stands the average height. The fitness lover Mohamed maintains a great physique.


Mohamed is very active in social media. He regularly posts on his social sites likewise Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As of Instagram, he posses a quite good number of followers. As of 2019, his account has 87.1 K followers.