From working two jobs as a Scuba Diver to a famous internet sensation, Moe Sargi has turned his life long love of performing into YouTube alchemy. His skits and comic style of handling conversations and recording prank videos make him a splendid personality loved by all.

The YouTube star is passionate about what he does and has also gathered a considerable sum of money through his career. So, without any delay, let’s dig into Sargi’s personal and professional life.

Moe Sargi’s Personal Life

It’s somewhat true that Prince is not actually Prince charming until and unless he makes sure that you’re his princess. In the same manner, you’ll be surprised to know that, Moe Sargi, makes every effort to make his girl happy and even treats her like his queen. Read more to know the details regarding his lover.

Current and Past Relationship

Moe Sargi is in a marital relationship with his wife Shadia Sargi since August 5, 2018. Before tying the knot, the husband and wife dated for almost four years.

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Though the pair married, they had had a plethora of problems during their marriage. Shadia, on her Instagram, shared that the struggle on their marriage ceremony was real because of extremely hot weather.

Surprisingly, Moe met Sargi 7 years ago and it was, probably, love at first sight for Sargi as he decided to make Sadia his queen the moment he met her.

The pair are celebrating their blissful married life every day and are often spotted going for a vacation on some exotic places. Additionally, this valentine’s day, Moe gifted his wife a 2019 BMW X5 M. Not to mention, the car costs approximately $75,750.

Prior to Sargi’s relationship with his wife, Shadia, he was most probably single as there are no records of him dating any woman.

Moe Sargi’s Net Worth

From Moe Sargi’s great career as a YouTuber, he’s built up a great fortune for himself. Besides, he also earns a hefty sum of money through paid partnerships and advertisements. So, check out his actual net worth.


The net worth of Moe Sargi is $600,000. In fact, he made $11,752 last month and $1,824 last week through his YouTube advertising revenue, based on his Channel’s audience. Correspondingly, his total subscribers on YT platform is 1,985,527.

On average, the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ads views. This equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views. So, there’s no doubt that Moe Sargi is relishing a good life with all the fortune that he’s earning.

YouTube Career

The YouTuber, Moe Sargi’s career began after he did the battle and prank videos, which he chose to upload online. Not to mention, his very first video went viral.


Sargi is also a blogger and has a station titled ‘Live a Little Vlogs’, where he places his traveling vlogs. Recently, he collaborated with OmarGoshTV, which aided him in increasing his followers on YouTube.

Moe Sargi’s Paranormal Video Controversy

On October 31st, 2018, YouTuber Perserving #1 posted a video entitled Moe Sargi faking videos. The video, apparently, shows Sargi, for posting encounters with the supernatural, directing when and how those encounters would take place.

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At one point, he tells his crew member to open a door at a certain point in his script. The post received more than 252,000 views in 24 hours.

Moe Sargi‘s Body Measurements

Having a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a weight of 67 kg, Moe Sargi’s body features are remarkable which goes well with his erotic light brown eyes and dark black hair.

Moe Sargi: Quick Facts

  • Moe is also a licensed Scuba Diver
  • He is also a gamer who uploads gameplays on his side-channel titled ‘Moe Plays’.
  • He’s based in Ontario and is of Lebanese descent.
  • Birth Sign Scorpio.
  • He also has a second YouTube channel titled Live a Little Vlogs.

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