Modesto Lacen is an actor who dominates the screens throughout the US and Latin American states alike. There are certainly great expectations for his future acting projects.

The veteran actor is well liked no matter the setting and he also carries a sound, well-rounded married life. But what about his kids? Did he have romantic affairs in the past too? So, without beating about the bush, let’s get started!

Who is Modesto Lacen?

Modesto Lacen is a Puerto Rican actor who also professionally trod into radio, theater, film, producing, even acting and coaching.

The Celia star earned credibility for his portrayals in 3000, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2 (2004), 12 Hours (2001), and the list goes on.

Is Modesto Lacen in a Relationship?

Modesto Lacen is happily in love and of course, married with spouse Ana Teresa Toro. The couple tied the knot on September 3, 2018, and became a wedded pair for eternity.

Modesto Lacen and family.
Modesto Lacen with his wife, Ana Teresa Toro.

SOURCE: Instagram

Right now, the duo does not share any children together but seeing how they adore their nephew, it is not like we will not see one of their own in the future. The two are lovey-dovey on multiple occasions and spend a lot of time with each other so, divorce is not even in the speculations.

The 42-year-old is a sport, travel and dance enthusiast; what’s more, he can also speak French and some Portuguese. Besides, his social media accounts are full of snapshots on his current projects, his wife, family, and friends.

How Much Net Worth Does Modesto Lacen Have?

Modesto Lacen holds a net worth of $3 million which is the result of over 25 years in the film industry. The average salary of a Puerto Rican actor is $39,777 and a director is 88,664 per year. Moreover, he makes adequate sum by acting in films, theaters, T.V. series, etc.

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The 1.78-meter tall man’s Columbian telenovela Celia (2015-2016) received wide acclaim running for 80 episodes and a single season. Similarly, his other works include Nicky Jam: the winner (2018), The White Slave (2016), Dangerous Relationships (2012), I Killed my Husband (2017), Lost Bullet (2003), etc.

Youtube: Modesto Lacen’s 2015 T.V. series Celia’s clip.

The versatile actor’s contribution to the Puerto Rican movie industry amount to more than 20 film credits. It is quite remarkable that he got in as one of the starring casts for network productions by CBS, Telemundo, PBS, Telemicro Internacional, and Fox Telecolombia. Not to mention, he is also the recipient of prestigious HOLA Awards, ACE and ATI.

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The actor/director conclusively makes a good living from his endeavors in the film industry regardless of the state.

Modesto Lacen: Body Measurements

Modesto Lacen stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He looks dashing with black eyes and black hair. Correspondingly, Lacen holds a good build thanks to his athletic hobbies.

Quick Facts: Modesto Lacen

When and where was Modesto Lacen born?

December 20, 1976, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Which nationality does Modesto Lacen belong to?

Puerto Rican

What was Modesto Lacen’s directorial debut?

The Aroma of Pig (2018)

What is the ethnic background of Modesto Lacen?


Where did Modesto Lacen receive his education?

The University of Puerto Rico and New York University School of Continuing Studies

Which is the birth sign of Modesto Lacen?


What is the color of the eyes of Modesto Lacen?


Which is Modesto Lacen’s hair color?


How tall is Modesto Lacen?

5 feet 10 inches


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