Even in the sports industry, some games like long jump and high jump often suffer from their underdog status. The truth, however, is if you are good at a particular sport, you can contribute to the enhancement of your field. Mirela Dulgheru is one such person who, as a woman, fought the stereotypes and made it to the top of the long jump.

Enough philosophy! So, how is everything going on in the life and the career of Mirela Dulgheru? How much net worth does she have and what sacrifices does she make to earn her wealth? Moreover, you might also love to know about the relationship status of the sportswoman. Without any further delay, let’s get going for the hunt for answers.

Mirela Dulgheru Net Worth

The Romanian-Turkish Olympic athlete Mirela Dulgheru has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The Olympics committee does not give out prize money to the winners, so how do you think did Dulgheru earn that much of fortune?

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Though the world Olympic committee does not give cash prizes, the winners definitely bag gold medals. In fact, the country from where the winning or at least participating athletes hail, give incentives to their players in order to inspire them to keep making the country proud.

Mirela Dulgheru practices long jump. Photo Credit: Facebook

Immediately after moving to Turkey, Mirela set a national record of 6.52 meters’ long jump which lasted for nine years. Another athlete, Melis Mey broke her record with a 6.62 meters jump.

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In the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona of Spain, Dulgheru jumped 6.71 meters long and earned the 6th position. More importantly, she is the long jump gold medal holder of 1993 Summer Universiade Athletics which took place in Amherst, New York, United States.

Mirela Dulgheru also worked as a long jump coach. Photo Credit: Facebook

Apart from going in the field to perform, Dulgheru also worked as a lecturer at Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti. Moreover, she is also a former coach at CSU Asesoft Ploiesti. Hence, it is no wonder that she holds a substantial amount of wealth.

Mirela Dulgheru is Married; Who is Her husband?

The relationship status of Mirela Dulgheru is obviously ‘married’. Well, who is the man that gets to share the matrimonial relationship with such a super sporty woman?

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You might be aware that the 52 years old athlete, Dulgheru was born in Romania, but she is currently Turkish. She tied the knot with a Turkish man whose name is out of the public knowledge. In fact, she lives such a low-key life that she is neither active in the social media nor does she reveal any family details.

Mirela Dulgheru is married to a mystery guy. Photo Credit: YouTube

On top of that, Dulgheru’s husband also never made public appearances with her. As a result, it leads us to the speculation that she probably lived a short-term married life and her spouse is no more. Nevertheless, we can never finalize the answer unless the respective person comes out with the truth.

Quick Facts About Mirela Dulgheru

When and where was Mirela Dulgheru born?

On October 5, 1966, in Ploiesti, Romania

How old is Mirela Dulgheru?

52 years old

What is the hair color of Mirela Dulgheru?


What is the color of Mirela Dulgheru’s eyes?


What is the title of Mirela Dulgheru’s Doctoral thesis?

“The Differentiate Nature of Effort’s Specificity in the Development of Movement Qualities During Athletic Tasks”

Mirela Dulgheru alma mater?

University of Pitesti