Most of the celebrities, unlike Brad Pitt and others, use social media to share some information about them. Mostly they use Twitter and Instagram to keep their followers updated about their life. But when they share some unnatural and personal pictures, people start speculating him/her.

Miles Heizer is the one who is facing the same problem as of how. He shared some amazing and exciting pictures that raised the question about his sexual orientation. So what was the real reason for people wanting to know whether he is straight or not?

Today in this column, we will be uncovering Miles Heizer gay rumors and also about some close boys, stay put!

Is Miles Heizer Gay or Straight? Speculations with Reasons!

You must know one cool guy named Brandon Flynn from the show ’13 Reasons Why!’ We are talking about him as both Brandon and Miles seems to be close. We have seen both to be active in sharing their pictures via social site Instagram. Here is one pic that kindled the rumor in the first place.

If you look into the caption, you might find it more interesting. He called Brandon to be an angel.

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Because of what he said causally in his social account, people started questioning his sexual orientation. So, is Miles Heizer gay or straight?

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Back in April of this year, his representative confirmed both of them to be out of the lovey-dovey relationship. So, for those who love their togetherness, you might feel devastated. ( But they did not reveal his sexual orientation. So, we do not know whether he is gay or is single. So, we need to keep it cool until he reveals his sexuality himself.

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Who needs a partner, when you have a cute pet by your side? Miles is the owner of a pet dog, an Australian Terrier. We still don’t know the name of his little friend but, their frienship sure looks promising. 

What Exactly is Miles Heizer’s Relationship with Mae Whitman?

Miles and Mae are called ‘BFFs!’ While talking to Miles; Mae made an emotional reaction in one of the shows of ’13 Reasons Why!’

You might not believe the place where I stay is Mae’s guest home. While watching this show, she sent me a message.’

It’s like seeing someone suddenly when one is at work. I saw her while filming for The Duff and my eyes filled. Her reaction was also same.

From the way he explained, we think both are good friends and love to share their moments together. We hope both to stay good friends forever.

Miles Heizer Body Measurement

  • Height = 1.78 m or 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight = 71 kg
  • Age = 24 years old

Quick Facts of Miles Heizer

Where is Miles Heizer’s birthplace?

Greenville, Kentucky

Does Miles Heizer have any siblings?

Yes, Moriah Heizer

What nationality does Miles Heizer belong to?


Under which Miles Heizer was Miles Heizer born?


How tall is Miles Heizer?

5 feet 10 inches

What is Miles Heizer’s net worth?

$2 million

What is his favortie clothing style? 

Vintage, especially the ’80s and ’90s

Who does he look up to among the actors he appeared with? 

Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham

Who are his favorite musicians? 

Tegan and Sara, and The Cleaners from Venus 

Does he know how to play musical instruments? 

Yes, He can play the guitar. 

What does he love about shooting 13 Reason Why?

 Making Friends 

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