Unlike many others, Mike Busey has his own principle of living: Do or be different. He is infamous for conducting sex parties in his Orlando based mansion, Sausage Castle.

Launching the parties in the wildest mansion has been his way of gaining huge fame and fortunes. Regardless of operating such activities, Busey discovered himself and created an identity beyond a porn star.

Who Is Mike Busey?

Mike Busey aka Michael Andrew Ward is an entertainer, show host, and former porn star. He presents the reality television show, The Mike Busey Show as of 2019.


In addition to that, Jessica Lowndes‘ husband Jon Lovitz has experienced what it is like to be on MTV’s reality show. Except for that, He presented Mike Busey Live Broadcast and The Busey Beauties. Before fame, he worked with Jackass, Playboy, Three 6 Mafia and more

Is Mike Busey Dating Anyone?

Mike Busey is probably single at the moment. Furthermore, He has neither been married nor dating anyone. Also, he was never heard of being in a relationship with any girls. The 38-year-old is busy focusing on his show, The Sausage Castle rather than having affairs.

Walking into rumors or controversies, Osceola Country Police caught Busey for selling alcohol without a liquor license at his mansion, Sausage Castle in 2012.

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However, following five years of an incident, his home caught fire in late 2017. Albeit no one injured in the accident, the mansion was totally destroyed. A year later, he re-opened it in Orlando.

What Is Mike Busey’ Net Worth?

Mike Busey has an estimated net worth of $250 thousand. An average salary for a TV show host in the U.S. is $57,756 per annum. Therefore, the former porn star definitely pockets more than that.


He earns through membership of Live Shows and draws revenue from occupants of his Sausage Castle. Just because of evictions and some other circumstances, there are more than 5 Sausage Castles.

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Moreover, Mike re-founded his mansion in swamplands near Orlando, Florida. Busey, who previously worked for the industry, now throws wild parties at his Florida Mansion.

Mike Busey Body Measurements

Mike Busey flaunts a bulky body figure. He possesses a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 90kg. Busey has short brown hair with blue eyes. He is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Quick Facts: Mike Busey

When was Mike Busey born?

December 19, 1980

What is the birth sign of Mike Busey?


Where did Mike Busey study?

Christian College

How tall is Mike Busey?

5 feet 10 inches

What is the color of Mike Busey’s eyes?