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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameMikaela Spielberg
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityAfro-American
  • Net Worth$3.7 billion
  • Age23 years old
  • SiblingJessica Capshaw (Step-Sister), Max Samuel Spielberg (Step-Brother), Sasha Spielberg (Step-Sister), Theo Spielberg(Step-Brother), Sawyer Avery Spielberg (Step-Brother), and, Destry Allyn Spielberg(Step-Sister)
  • ParentsSteven Allan Spielberg (Father) and Kathleen Capshaw Spielberg (Mother)

Mikaela Spielberg is the daughter of Steven Spielberg, who is famous for his skills as an actor, director, and producer. In his long run career, he worked in many outstanding movies and TV series.

Mikaela is the youngest adopted daughter in the Steven family who was adopted by Kate Capshaw. She is an Afro-American by birth but now, she is a part of Spielberg and Capshaw family.

News Flash – Mikaela Spielberg Now a Porn Star

Mikael Spielberg is now a porn star and an erotic dancer – she chose a career in the adult industry. And, her parents were ‘intrigued’ about her decision but not against when she broke the news to her parents through Face Time.

While talking to The Sun about her life, Mikaela revealed that she already produced a number of solo porn videos. Spielberg is currently trying to obtain her sex worker license and once it’s sorted, she is very much open to working as a dancer in a strip club.

While talking about her choice, she disclosed that it was tiring to being told to hate her body and to work on something that wasn’t satisfying her soul.

I got really tired of not being able to hate my body.

Steven Spielberg’s daughter further stated that she feels good to be able to ‘satisfy’ other people. Satisfying people doesn’t make her feel violated and that’s what she feels like doing.

The lady revealed her new career choice on her socials at the beginning of February 2020. In the series, she stressed that it was her body, her life, her income, and her choice.

Net Worth of Mikaela Spielberg

As stated above, Mikaela Spielberg still focuses on her studies. So, she has no earnings of her own, but her father, Steven Spielberg, is a billionaire. He, with his successful career, holds a massive portfolio of $3.7 billion.

Mikaela’s income is also supported by her mother, Kathleen Capshaw Spielberg, who is a retired actress, collected a hefty income of $20 million.

Steven Spielberg owns tons of real estate. One of the properties owned by Mikaela’s dad is a twelve-acre estate which is called Quelle Farm and was built in 1740 A.D. with mixes of classic New England architecture of New York with a little taste of French accents. So, with her Richie-Rich family, she is enjoying a lavishing lifestyle.

Do you want to know about Steven Spielberg’ house and cars?

Mikaela Spielberg’ Siblings

Focusing on the Spielberg family, then Mikaela Spielberg has six siblings in her family. Her father, Steven Speilberg, and mother, Kate Capshaw, married each other after a long dating relationship.

Mikaela is the adopted child of Kate Capshaw. In her family, she is the youngest daughter after Destry Allyn Spielberg.

Jessica Brooke Capshaw is the eldest plus most famous child in the Steven Family. She is active in the TV industry as an actress, where she played in various characters in many movies and shows.

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Max Samuel Spielberg is the first biological son of Steven Spielberg with actress Amy Irving. Like Jessica, he is also involved in the field of acting. Max is known for his work on Trespasser, Snap Shot, and The Rage Carrie 2.

Sasha and Theo Spielberg of Wardell Perform “Love / Idleness” – Vogue

Theo Spielberg is also a celebrity like the rest of his siblings, but he pursued his career in the music industry. After Theo, Sasha Rebecca Spielberg is the eldest child in the Steven family, she created a fabulous career in both field, music, and acting and is well known with her stage name Buzzy Lee.

After their fourth child, Spielberg and Capshaw gave birth to another child, Sawyer Avery Spielberg. He is the youngest son in the family. He is married to his partner, Raye Levine.

Subsequently, Spielberg and Capshaw’s duo adopted Mikaela George and gave birth to Destry Allyn Spielberg in their family. Destry began to follow the footsteps of her parents as we can see certain numbers of works in the field of production, acting, and directing.

Is Mikaela Spielberg in a Relationship?

As we already mentioned to you guys in the above paragraph, Mikaela Spielberg is still young and working on completing her academic education.

Who Are Steven Spielberg’s Children?

So, there is nothing much on any media related to her dating life. She is active on Instagram, but there’s nothing in her social media that would give a hint on her love life. Still, we promise you guys we’ll update any details related to her boyfriend if anything comes out in the media.

Quick Facts

  • Mikaela Spielberg follows polytheist religion, as a result, she worships more than one deities.
  • Even though Mikaela hasn’t begun her career in any field, she is fond of art and her Instagram account is filled with different artworks.
  • Mikaela’s father, Steven also used to own a yacht called The Seven Seas which cost him $184 million.
  • Her father, Spielberg grew up in a Jewish family.

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