The TV actress, Michala Banas came to fame for her role in the TV show Always Greener. Likewise, she managed to land roles in various movies as well like Scooby-Doo and Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.

Michala Banas leads a successful career as of 2019, however, the same cannot be said about her love life. Read more about her married life as well as past affairs down below in this article.

How Is Michala Banas’s Relationships and Married Life Going?

As of 2019, Michala Banas involved herself in a relationship with her boyfriend Toby Truslove. But due to her past experience with married life, the loving duo hasn’t espoused yet. Regarding her past affairs, it also remains shrouded in the shadow for now.

Michala Banas with her boyfriend Toby Truslove
Banas with her boyfriend Toby Truslove,
Source: Instagram

The beautiful actress Michala Banas tied the knot with ex-husband Kade Greenland in 2014. Moreover, the details regarding her wedding ceremony stay undisclosed as of yet. But with the lack of any pieces of information, they must’ve exchanged their vows in an intimate wedding among loved ones.

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Before they walked down the aisle, the former lovers dated over two years. After the ex-couple decided to marry, they led a blissful married life for a few months. Unfortunately, on December 6, 2014, Michala announced that she and her husband are officially over. Likewise, the reason behind their separation remains a mystery and her fans can do nothing but speculate.

How Much is Michala Banas’s Net Worth?

The talented actress Michala Banas holds an estimated net worth of $12 million. She earns most of her money through her career as an actress but she also happens to be a founding member of The KIN Collective as well as a writer.

Michala Banas posing for a selfie
Michala posing for a selfie,
Source: Instagram

Moving on to her incomes, a TV actor/actress typically makes $200k per episodes, however, a famous actor/actress can earn up to $1 million through an episode. With more than forty TV shows under her belt, she must make, at the very least, an amount of $500k from one episode.

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With her wealth, Michala lives her life in luxury and comfort as of 2019. Moreover, going through her Instagram profile we see her as an adventurous and outgoing person. But most of her assets continue to be hidden from the public eye.

Quick Facts of Michala Banas

How old is Michala Banas?

40 Years Old

What are the names of Michala Banas’ parents?

Father: John Banas Mother: Laurinda Lewis

What are the names of Michala Banas’ siblings?

Sister: Claudia Banas Brothers: Leon Banas and Alexis Banas

What is Michala Banas’ nationality?

New Zealand

What is Michala Banas’ ethnicity?


Does Michala Banas have tattoos?


What is Michala Banas’ height?

5 feet 2 inches

What is Michala Banas’ hair color?


Which color are Michala Banas’ eyes?

Light Brown